Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Beginning of Logic Boy

So Tuesday I mentioned something about a boy in my logic class. Well I had that class again today, and Oh My God. I think I'm falling in love. He walked in and immediately my heart went *boomph* right up into my throat. It stayed there while he walked over to my row and sat two desks away to my right. God he's wonderful.

I think I should probably try to talk to him Friday... haha yeah i'm falling for a boy i've never talked to, nor do I know his name. I dunno what to say though! Help me please!

Oh yeah somehting else kinda odd happened today. So I was in the Union Building lounging around on a couch perving at the cute boys walking around the job fair, when this random guy comes up and starts asking me about my guitar and what i'm reading and stuff. It was a really awkward conversation cause he didn't leave but didn't have much to say. Eventually he wanted to see my guitar (actually he wanted to play it too but I wasn't about to let a stranger touch my guitar). So I pulled it out and started playing a bit. Well then this chick comes up and is interested too. So I come up with the excuse "I've got to go eat lunch," and so I left and went downstairs to the food court. Who should I see?


I lost my appetite right there, I just wanted more of him...

Sigh, Friday is soon enough, yet so far away...


P.S. really, what should I say?!


  1. maybe start with "hello"?... or the more casual, "sup"!

    if anything silly happned in logic class then later be all like..."hey, the thing that teacher done was stupid huh?" or something like that! Well not exactly, you dont want to sound simple, You know what I mean!

    let me know what happens!!!
    j xxx

  2. hey, what's up? usually works pretty well - maybe ask if he's any good in math because you think you're gonna need a study partner to get through the coursework.... just say something and don't forget to smile