Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dream – Dream Boy

So I had and remembered a disturbing dream this morning.

I was in a hotel room and every night two people were killed, and somehow i was able to see a scene from the slayings and it was always of blood and bleach being mixed into a big graduated cylinder. But when they surveyed the rooms afterward there were these huge messes. And I remember they got one of my friends and her mom and it was a most horrible scene.

It was the closest thing I've had to a nightmare in a while, but wasn't really terrifying so much as disturbing as they didn't come after me at all.

Hmm... :/ Oh well.

Next order of business, Dream Boy. Well actually his name is Jarret. He works at my work. He's fairly new. We have this lab that has all theses windows looking into it from the hallway which i travel through fairly frequently, he works in this lab. When I say frequently I mean like constantly, all day, everyday. He's not usually what I go for, but man is he sexy. Reddish blond hair that's just a perfect shag, he's stylish, really sexy legs (and I'm not all that into legs) and a really hot body. Like drool.

It's getting to be a problem though, I'm like obsessed with passing by that lab. I have to catch a peek whenever I can and sometimes I have to just look away so I don't seem creepy or anything.

And omg! The other day he was laughing and smiling at what I presume was a funny conversation in the lab and as I walk by he turns and looks at me with the smile still on his face. Omg I almost lost it. I had to keep all my composer until I was out of sight where I just beemed and giggled a little. God I'm such a girl sometimes. haha.

Then there was the time I was in that lab watching the repair men that were in there, and Jarret walks in to do some stuff, and I just kept perving on him. Finally he left, and I just sat and day dreamed about... compromising situations with said employee...

Haha well I hope you enjoyed this random here's how things are post. I quite enjoy doing these. And because I haven't in a while.


Cute Boys!


 seez-0008 seez_205 sitinthegrass_500

Top Left: Look at that beautiful hair. Top Right: haha I dunno why but I just enjoy the picture. Bottom: Awww sweeetums.

Hell they all had amazing hair, Mboy you’re welcome.


Oh and thanks for the comments on the look of the blog. Yes it is very white, yes I did sorta subconsciously copy you Dan (but I have a header picture dammit!) and I’m sorry if it hurts anyone’s eyes. In looking for a new layout I became frustrated when I couldn’t fine what I wanted (cause i honestly didn’t really know) I just went for simplicity. Here you go.



Off to enjoy another day as a working class citizen, oh joy.



P.S. I’m probably gonna get a new computer soon! Squee! So maybe expect some cool new content eventually.


  1. Nightmares can be really scary at times.
    I remember one I had quite long ago, it was most horrible and when waking up from it I found myself starring into the eyes of our cat! She had jumped up in my bed and sat there watching me having that dream, probably making weird noised.
    I panicked and smashed her out of my bed into the wardrobe door... I bet we both screamed just as loud!

  2. I'm usually pretty good at assigning a meaning to dreams, but I've got to admit, that one has me stumped. Don't know what the mixture of blood and bleach was about, nor the significance of your friend and her mom. Obviously there are some really scary thoughts going on in the background to create a dream like that.


  3. Every cute-boy post with some form of hair always gets Mirrorboy a mention. :)

  4. Shh don't tell M-boy lol he's seems to be crazy when it comes to boys and hair

  5. Matt

    Your deams included graduated cylinders, toomuch time at these labs:P And as for mboy he is hurtig right now so i hope these pics help him

    See and work ing every day isnt all bad if people like Jarret are there :D

    take care and be safe


  6. dream? meh. who knows?

    Jarret? :P WOW. you need to get in there and start chatting to him. express an interest in what he does and what courses/qualifications he needed.

    hopefully that smile can sustain you. and i know exactly what you mean about going up and down the corridor! hah. i was exactly the same with the canteen-boyz until i actually started chatting to them, then it was great and not creepy

    go to it! and report back :P