Monday, August 31, 2009


Once again I have failed when it comes to logic boy, who by the way has apparently broken his arm as he was wearing a cast.

However by far the biggest disappointment was this: he was talking to the guy next to him. Basically, if I had been able to sit next to him I would have had some interaction. But no, this ugly guy sits right next to me (literally, no courtesy seat or anything) and i'm stuck looking at the boy taking over my mind chatting it up with the guy next to him that should have been me. *Epic sad face*

On the other hand, this opens up opportunities for me, perhaps, if it's not too late. I just need to get to class after he does, and sit next to him. Hopefully he's not too buddy buddy with the guy he was talking to today or else if that has solidified I'm pretty much fucked. :/

Oh well. Wednesday is eagerly awaited.

By the way, this is officially my first post made and published away from home. I'm at the Union Building here at my university. Go me.

The guy who was dressed really cute today too,

Matt :(


  1. ouch well Matt I'm sure things will go well for you and do a since a bit of jealously? lol

    well what ever it is good luck talking to logic boy

  2. Oh well, better luck next time.

    Refresh my memory; Do you think logic boy is gay?