Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last day of summer...

was spent cleaning and rearranging my room.


Ah well it needed to be done.

12 years of being in the same room with the same arrangment and same clutter was a bit too long. So I got rid of a ton of stuff and moved my furniture around.

I like it so far.

School starts tomorrow though. :(

I don't know why I'm not excited for school like I usually am. (yeah I know I'm a nerd sometimes) However, when I went to buy books the other day (5 for $238, not too shabby)I got a cup of coffee and just sat outside the union building and enjoyed the view. I did feel nice to be there. I love the college campus. It's one of my favorite places in this city. I wish I could live there this year. Maybe in the spring... probably not though.

Oh well. Work is going to be scaled back starting this week as well. No more working mondays! Whoo! But that only means that I work from 2-9 or so on tuesdays. Blegh. The rest of the week isn't too bad, but still. Oh well.

Oh yeah! I bought a computer! It's in the mail. I hope it gets here soon. 13 inch Macbook Pro. Squwee! I'm so excited for it!

Well I think that's it. Hopefully I'll have time to blog during school with work and all that. We'll see how much I'll be able to.

Here's to a good school year!



  1. Go get 'em! You sound well prepared so no worries :-) Look forward to some updates along the way

  2. Yes you are a nerd but then again I can't speak since I'm a nerd too lol

    Well hope school goes well for you

  3. Congrats on buying the Macbook Pro. That really is a beautiful computer.

  4. not sure if ive said this before, but your blog looks very familiar. looks like.....idk.....mine....