Sunday, August 16, 2009

Match Maker Match Maker Make Me a Match…

So I had a completely awesome time yesterday.

Had to go to work for a few hours which wasn’t as bad as you would think because basically I was getting paid to just be there in case the contractors needed anything (they were doing work on the building). They didn’t need much.

Then I went clothes shopping with my friend Brent and this kid David (who’s only 15 but it seems like he’s much older) who’s from Brazil. That was fun, we stuck to thrift stores because they have weird stuff that’s cool. I bought a new shirt (maybe I’ll post of a picture of it). It’s a western style shirt and it’s pretty rad.

Then we decided to make dinner. So we went to the store and got the ingredients and here’s what we cooked. Jamaican Jerked Chicken (which I grilled perfectly (it was my first time grilling chicken)) with a rice pilaf with sautéed mushrooms and havarti cheese (really rich but sooo good) and grilled onions and red bell peppers. We also had a French baguette and some extra havarti cheese with grapes for an appetizer.

Then we went for coffee afterwards. There’s this cafe run by the Pride Center here and it’s actually a really cool place so that’s where we went. Talked with some random people, laughed a lot, had a good time. Then I drove David home and Brent and I went to go have a fire in my fire pit in my backyard.

All in all a good day.

Oh yeah, my title. Brent said that his girlfriend knew a guy (named Jake) who she might be able to hook me up with. And he said another person he knew knew someone who could possibly be hooked up with me. Point being, I may be getting hooked up soon. *Squee!*

Oh and 150 points to whomever can tell me what musical that title is from.

And additional 200 points will be awarded to the person who can tell me which character is the “matchmaker.”


Sorry is my gay showing?




  1. Fiddler on the Roof is where the title comes from

  2. matt

    wouldnt it be nice if wome one hooked you up it wuld save a lot of trouble looking around :P

    and sorry i dont know an musicals :( take care and be safe


  3. Yente is the village matchmaker.

  4. Whaaaat...?
    Doesn't anyone know how to use wikipedia?