Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Nothing to talk about really.

So random responses.

Torchy, a while back you said I should just get in there and talk to Jarret. It's not that simple. You see to get into that room, first of all you have to change shoes, or put on shoe covers. Then wash your hands. Then put on gloves, then a lab coat, and then you're good to go. Besides I don't really have much reason to be in there except Tuesdays and Fridays when I mop in there, but that's only after everyone has left. I rarely even see him in the halls because he's always in that lab.

Ethan, I said maybe pink maybe! Haha and so what if my socks are pink.

Why am I the only homo around here who knows his musicals? Even I'm not that good either, but sheesh guys. Do your homework.

Wow that was like a random very choosy comment reply, oh well.

Cute boy!

Oh by the way This is a pretty hep cat. Pretty cool guy so far, so check him out if you haven't yet. The mysterious "M"




  1. time to start building a plan for Friday, right?

  2. Look gay boy :P pink crossed your mind and you didn't throw it out
    So I stand by what I said pink how gay lol