Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Update On Coming Out

So I'm sorry I kinda left you all hanging. It's just that I've told this story many times over to people on msn and such and so I just didn't want to bother writing it again for here.

So I'm going to copy it from a conversation I had. Haha.

so yesterday
i got the idea to come out stuck in my mind
so i eventually told my mom
and she was asking things like are you sure? how do you know? have you ever been with a guy? stuff like that
well we talked for a little and then went our seperate ways
well i guess she took it a lot harder than she was leading on
sorry msn was being dumb
she basically broke down when my dad got home i guess, i was down in my room the whole time
and so my dad comes down to talk to me and he's close to tears which is weird cause i've never seen him like that, but he's like try to act normal around the family tonight
oh yeah
great timing on my part
my family was coming over for a birthday bbq for me
so i say sure
well my mom got all boozed up as the evening went on, and she told my aunt and my other uncle and who knows who else
which i guess was alright because it saves me the hassle of having to do it
but anyway
my aunt talked to me for a while
she was really supportive and awesome
i'm a bit pissed at my mom for being so childish and drinking her problems away and my dad, eh i dunno
but i think they really over reacted cause it's not like i'm any different
they should be happy that i shared something for once lol
but yeah today i've kinda just avoided them and i'm holed up in my room
but yeah that's about it
i'm making a quilt out of old t-shirts now

The quilt from t-shirts I'm still working on as I have forgotten how to sew.

But yeah that's what happened in a nutshell.

And that was from yesterday, so today I got home and my mom is acting as if nothing happened, which is good i guess because so am I.

But yeah that's that.


P.S. I'll be working on the final set of questions right after I post this, and then I'll post that, so be sure to read and comment on both of them, kthxbai!


  1. You might've heard this before but when a child comes out to a parent, it's as if the child has died and been replaced by a stranger. The person they thought they knew is gone, and now there's a boy who looks like him but isn't him. Give them time. You've had a few years to adjust and accept this; they've had a coupla days.

    You might consider giving them some stuff to read from PFLAG and maybe a book. That's what I did when I came out to my folks, but I had a lot of time to plan, as I was 29 and no longer living in the same state, even.

    I read a lot of books for parents and the best, by far, was Beyond Acceptance: Parents of Lesbians & Gays Talk About Their Experiences. The one I've linked is a revised version since the one I gave but I'm sure it's just as good.

    BTW, the book always recommended for 'rents used to be Now That You Know: What Every Parent Should Know About Homosexuality. Don't get it! I read it and was horrified. Most of it was OK but there was some sexual stuff I would not want my parents reading and especially not thinking that's what I was doing. The writers pretty much say that gays guys go through a phase of having random sex with lots of other guys when they first come out. Uh, excuse me? Not me! And I'm sure not true of many, many other guys.

  2. Ummm... not ME either, and I'm just coming out. Guess I'll know what to expect.

    Matt, I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't another talk in the near future.

  3. Like Mr.HCI said not me and I haven't come out yet and when I do I'm NOT about to have a bunch of random sex
    I'm actually glad you posted this here since I don't know you that well and this give me a chance to know you before I talk to you on IM

  4. oh Matt, this has been in my reader for *so* long. i'm sorry, but i really should have lobbed a big hug at you back then.