Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What About Bob - The Finale

Ok here's the last of the questions answered. Thanks again to Bob for sending all these! :D

61. If you had a message to live share with the world what would it be? Don't let this whole living thing get to you. Somethings you have to take seriously, like a job, not like work, but a task. When you have a task to complete take it seriously, but everything else? Naw, it's not all that important.

62. Name two qualities of character you possess? A good work ethic and compassion.

63. Name two qualitites of character you admire in others? A good work ethic and compassion. haha. I hate it when people are too lazy to jump in and help when something needs to be done.

64. I have read you are an agnostic now and I believe that is a reasonable belief to hold though not one I share, would you like to explain why it is you believe God doesn't exist? Whoa whoa, I never have claimed that. I believe somethings are simply beyond human comprehension, God included. Perhaps there is a God, but one I can worship? Or need to? Maybe not. I'm not going to spend my life worrying about God and all that. That being said, I dislike militant atheism as much as I dislike militant theism. It's all the same. I believe in the absurdity of life.

65. What do you want your readers to understand about you from your blog? I dunno, whatever they want to. I'm an open book (with a few sticky pages).

66. Would you like to adopt children in the future? Well I would like to yeah, but it would depend on who I choose to go through life with as well.

67. Do you believe there is a stereotypical gay person? Well yes. In fact, his name is George and he lives at 432 E. Winchester Road Memphis Tennessee. He's quite the flamer, they keep having to fix his wrist and put out his house because his track lighting lights the elaborate lace curtains on fire.

68. Do you believe the media still portrays gays in a stereotypical manner? Well the news papers generally don't from what I can see and I never watch T.V. news so I can't comment on that too much.

69. What do you think a person your age can do to support gay rights and groups if htey are closeted? Get some liberal friends, then it won't seem so odd. Lol.

70. If I visited Utah where would you suggest a blogger would want to go and see? Downtown Salt Lake City, wonderful little city, well it will be when the goddamn construction gets finished.

71. If you left Utah where would you want to go live and why? Well it changes all the time, but currently Seattle Washington because I like the ocean, and the mountains, and the rain and guess what? It seems to have that all pretty close.

72. What makes Utah a great place to live? The wilderness just at our back porch. Seriously, I can be in complete wilderness in less than an hour. It's amazing like that.

73. What makes Utah a bad place to live? The Utah Legislature.

74. In general how are gays treated in society in Utah? It seems as if we've made a bit of a niche for ourselves. There are still strongholds of ignorance and bigotry (see The Church and the Utah Legislature (often confused as the same thing lol)), but they are cracking. I hope.

75. Gay Marriage or Civil Unions where are you on this issue and what if anything does Utah have to allow gay partners to be recognized? Civil Unions are a nice start, but according to US law it's gotta be Marriage. 14th Amendment, separate but equal is not acceptable. That's it in a nutshell. In Utah certain municipalities allow partners to register for a benefits registry that's sorta a pseudo civil union.

76. Is it safe to be out as a gay person in Utah? Well as personal safety is concerned, I would say so.

77. The Mormon Church Officials run the state of UTah basically is what I have, is that true in your opinion? They do have a great deal of power, but to say they run the place is a bit out there.

78. What is your opinion if any about a democratic political system being run or heavily influenced by a sole church? It doesn't work. Gotta protect that minority! :D

79. If you know what is the Mormon position on gays and is different than other religions that you are aware of? Well as a disclaimer, I am not Mormon and so I can't know for certain but I believe the general idea is that as long as you remain celebate you're sorta ok. But then if you can overcome your homosexuality (*cue eye rolling here*) then you can marry and have kids and be a good mormon. I think the celebicy part is common to a lot of churches though.

Ok Cheeky time, young un's turn away!

80. Ever had sex with a large stuffed animal? Hmm... can't say that I have *cough cough cough*

81. Who was your first crush on and when was it? In elementary school I had the biggest crush on this girl named Wendy. Whoo...

82. Did you taste it? Umm... sure.

83. When you are looking at a guy what do you check out first? Face quickly followed by shoes.

84. What turns you off in another? haha bad shoes.

85. What if anything is an immediate visual turn on to you in another? Nudity? sure that sounds reasonable.

86. Ok do you enjoy wanking to pictures, videos, or memories? Both, and do fantasies count? If so then those too.

87. Have you ever been naked in public, where, when and why? Nope :/

88. Strangest place you have ever wanked? In my car going 80 MPH on Highway 89.

89. Most number of times in a day you have wanked? 6.

90. If you could choose anyone who would you like to be in a porn movie with? Just one? and I'll just assume porn stars here. Umm... Tommy Anders and Jesse Star. Let's go with them two.

91. Do you have a fetish? Shoes.

92. Where is his favorite place to jerk off? New and exciting places.

93. Does Matt jerk off everyday? Almost every day yeah.

94. I read that Matt only uses his right hand to jerk off but what would Matt do if he broke his right hand to relieve himself? First of all , that is simply lies and slander, I treat both hands equally in the fun that is wanking.

95. Has anyone else ever touched Matt's member, and who was it? Yes, my cousin. Yeah yeah weird fuck I am, but it was years ago and we were both young and curious.

96. Have you ever dated anyone and give details? Yes I have had one relationship in my life. Details are in an early post entitled "Tired of Being Alone"

Whoo all done.

Now I have to do something special for post 100!

... shit

I have no idea what to do! Comment and let me know! Cause I won't make another post until I get a good idea.



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