Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What a Night

So things were going well tonight. Work was fine. I was in the building where Jarret wasn't so my perv levels were able to return to normal. Oy vey, he's gorgeous. Got off, went to a friends Mission Call opening (Mormon thing, don't worry about it). Went and had coffee with my friend Matt, whom I told about Jarret. Didn't talk about everything I wanted to with him (talked a lot about work though, Oy) but it was nice anyway.

Then went to the store. That's when things went, awry.

Car battery was dead when we returned to the car, so we push started it, which worked for all of 500 yds at the most then the engine would cut out like it was gonna die and then bust back into life. Well I drove up into a neighborhood near by and drove around hoping the engine would just pop back into full life. Well it didn't. It died.

I know exactly what's wrong. The alternator is bad. I was going to call on getting it replaced tomorrow (thank god for lifetime warrentee's (sp?)) but now the car is in a neighborhood miles away. I'll probably have to get it towed to the autoshop. It didn't help that its a fairly upscale neighborhood and the people around probably didn't appreciate teenagers hanging around casing their joints. My dad finally picked me up and I'll have to deal with it in the morning.

Plus I have to go to work earlier tomorrow. Plus my internet was being incredibly dumb earlier.

However, I have my Carole King record spinning on the turntable and I am calm and sedated now.

God what a night.



  1. Matt

    Arent cars fun, I knew it was the alternator as soon as you described the problem lol

    hope today is a beter day, take care and be safe


  2. Sounds like a lovely time with your car