Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wild Raunchy College Sex

... in my mind...

Haha so classes have been going well. Yesterday was a looong day though. I got to campus and my first class was American History. Eh whatever, technically I could clep out of the class because I took AP Am His in high school, but I figured I like history enough to take it again. But also! There was a boy that came in and sat next to me. (by the way, as nice as that is, it's also obnoxious because you can't sit and perv at them unnoticed) I think he might have been checking me out too. Like he looked like he could potentially be gay. He was wearing shorts, a t-shirt and a button up vest unbuttoned. He was kinda cute too. I just sorta got "the vibe" from him though.

Next class, writing. I have had the professor before and she is wonderful (the whole reason for taking a class from her again). I'm quite excited because it will force me to write more, which I really do enjoy doing.

Finally I had a class in Gender and Sexuality. It looks like it's going to be an interesting class as well. But again, there was this boy. I could have sworn he was looking over at me and such. At one point, I uncrossed my legs and he did the same just after, haha I don't know what that means but take note! Anyway, I have another friend in that class who could act as a wingman if I wanted her to (in fact she's already suggested it).

It was a lot of running up and down campus though. I had 20 min. max in between classes that were on opposite sides of campus. Oy vey.

Also my course load looks like it will be pretty big, so I may have to stop reading blogs. I'll try not to stop posting because I like to do that, but reading others may become difficult as it does take a great deal of time. But fear not I shall warn you if that becomes the situation.

Well I'm off to Wednesday's classes. Bringing a guitar on the bus will be interesting...



  1. College starts next week for me!!!

    excited and anxious...


  2. Yeah it does seem like he MIGHT (just wanted to be clear) be checking you out

    Well look at it like this, with all the running around you will be able to have a nice ass ;) lol

  3. lol, nice title on the post.

    Im glad you've got some potential hookups hanging around you. that's always a good sign!