Thursday, September 17, 2009

An Exercise in Futility

It is 5:40 AM as I write this. I was up until 3:00 AM previously. I have allowed myself 2 hours of sleep.

Fuckin' Papers.

Three and a half pages written, I need at least five or so. I'm nearing the end of my constructive rope. I am easily distracted as you can plainly see by this post. But this is a welcome and necessary break.

Another exercise in futility is going after logic boy. Facebook stalking had led me to believe that he is straight, and also a bit of a party-er, which is fine I suppose, but doesn't really mesh well with me, who isn't. It's hard to want to get over him when he's always soo freakin' gorgeous. *freak-out noises* Why does he have to be so gorgeous?

However, in light of trying to forget about logic boy, I think I'm going to actively pursue Nick, whom I know is gay, and think may be interested in me. Better choice? I think so. At the theater at which I work, the wednesday before opening weekend is "preview night" which is essentially a final dress rehearsal for an invited audience. As a supervisor and close personal friend of the house manager, I am one of those invited. I can also bring someone if I wish. Cheap date idea? Lemme know your thoughts.

Anyway, I should get back to the paper. Today is gonna be rough...



  1. Good luck with Nick. It's always great to know that someone is going after you.

  2. i've no idea whether that opening thing would be a good first invite or not.

    like Jason says, it's good to know that someone is into you, but equally maybe that means you should examine your own feelings to see if you really like the guy for what he is or is it just coz he's liking you and it might be an easy/easier option. but that's just me, i don't spose many other ppl think that. heck, go for it. lol.

    um, as for a date, (as if i've got any experience lol), i'd probably pick an event/place where you could actually do some talking to get to know each other.

    ymmv, but i wish the very best of luck with it.