Saturday, September 19, 2009


So I'd like to first off say thank you a whole tons to Jason for actually being the single person to comment on my last post.

I'm not gonna lie, a part of my soul dies when I don't get many (if any) comments, and it makes it hard to make another post.

But enough whining about that. I wanna say that Jason is a really cool guy whom I enjoy reading his very well written blog (like seriously, you've got a talent for blogging and writing in general (non-fiction at least, I haven't seen your fiction (if it exists)). Plus I enjoy talking to you on the msn as well. :D


I have not had the chance to ask Nick out yet. I didn't see him yesterday at the center. Mega bummer. But I still had fun there. I quite like being up there (it's on the fourth floor of the Union Building and has a killer view of the city). I also went to a BBQ for the volunteers tonight, but he wasn't there :/

Hopefully he'll be there on Monday. I think I'm starting to really like him...

Anyway, have a nice evening everyone.



  1. Comments come and go but the love is always there, even if we don't know exactly how to voice or in this case type it.

    Never let no comments get you down, sometimes the blog world is a little sleepy and people miss posts. I mean look at Sethyboy hes got at least like 180 posts to read now.

    Love and Hugs,


    p.s. a healthy number of us are in college, so we all know the fine art of bsing a paper. It's a talent that some find hard but once you get the hang of it, those 8-10 page papers become a breeze.

  2. Hey mate, that was a really heartfelt statement about the comments. I don't often comment on anyone's blog, but I do always read the ones I follow. Like Drew said, don't get too down if no one comments, just take a look at mine, I rarely ever get comments.

    I enjoy your blog, so the love is there mate, even if I don't express it.

    Courage and Honour!


  3. And how long has it been when you commented on my blog? yes that long

    But I've learned to make my blog for me rather then getting comments. I may not comment but that doesn't mean I haven't read your blog

  4. Thanks for the link!

    Good luck on asking him out. I'd give my thoughts/advice, but I have 0 experience in this field.

  5. yeah like the others said about the love and all that.

    if you've written it, i have (or will) read it :)

    good luck with Nick, especially as he's a mega bummer (is that what you meant?) and ffs, don't tantalise us with 'killer view of the city', you tease. post some goddamn pics :)