Monday, September 14, 2009


So I went to a concert tonight. Benny Green. Absolutely fandamntastic. Jesus can that man play the piano.

Went by myself as per usual. I didn't mind so much, but I couldn't help but think how it would have been better with a certain guy.

And no it's not the one your thinking of. But more on that later.

I was thinking about this guy Nick whom I've met through the center (LGBT Resource Center, hitherto now known as "the center"). He's older than me, like over 21 at the very least, and is graduating after one more semester. But he's pretty cute, gay, and single as I've found out today. I think I wrote about him before, but yeah. I kinda get the feeling he likes me too, but then again I'm new to all this (interacting with other guys that are gay). We'll see on that front.

As for Dusty (logic boy). He's still really really cute, but I keep getting the "he's gotta be straight" blues. I did talk to him briefly today, basically I asked if he had any problems with the homework, he didn't. I didn't either. End conversation. I barely got that in too as he was sitting a row behind me. Today was just not my day for seating. I'm starting to give up on him too, for the before mentioned reasons.

Oh and it rained today. :D I love the rain.

Well, that is all folks.



  1. I love the rain as well...I can't wait for the sun to go away and the clouds to cover the sky and the rain to start falling.

    Liking straight guys sucks. I am a subject matter expert. As far as the other guy that you think may like you, i have no advice. I've never had anyone like me in that way before. Completely foreign concept.

  2. i wish it would fucking rain here. im so sick of this fucking heat! its 80-90 degrees every fuck day. i hate it!

    and yea give up on logic boy. you can do much better. =)