Thursday, September 3, 2009


Oy, I'm tired tonight. But I shall attempt to make a post, no matter how disorganized. Here I go.

Having shaved legs is fun. I like touching them. :)

I'm not really being fair to fugly boy, he's just annoying me. I don't hold grudges for long. But I will be pissed off if he shafts me again tomorrow.

Tomorrow I may be going to a training thingy for the LGBT Resource Center on campus for volunteers. The only problem is it's from 11-12 pm and I have logic at 11:50 am. I think I'll be able to swing it. I figure volunteering for them will be a good way to meet people though. We'll see if I chicken out or not. :/

Also, yesterday they had what is known as "Plazafest." Basically all the clubs and organizations and departments and such set up booths and give away free stuff. Well I stopped by the LGBT booth and picked me up one of those lance armstrong-y type bracelets.

Picture :

It's lavender. What do you think? Too gay?

The other one is made with these really cool beads that fluoresce under UV Light (including the primary source, Sunlight). So they are all sorts of light blue, yellow, purple, and pink. Without light though, they are white, like in the picture. I'll try to get a picture of them when they are all colourful.

Again, too gay? Haha not that it matters, that's actually kinda why I'm wearing them.

Umm... anything else...

Oh yeah, Dan, where have you been on msn? I miss talking to you...

Oh yeah, last thursday marked our 4 years of knowing each other. Go us...

I just realized, Dan probably wouldn't make it this far in one of my posts...

Oh well :/

Good night everybody.



  1. Hi Matt, just stumbled across your blog, nice place you´ve got here. Hey I´m glad you get involved into the whole LGBT community it seems it´s becoming a trend around here O_o no, but it´s always something good when youth tries to make change happen, I´m in one of those too. And I love lavander, but we don´t have them in that color, so asked my baby sister to make me a bracelet and wear it proudly, however I can´t read what yours says :(

    Have a great day and I´m glad our paths have crossed.


  2. awww thanks matt. ive just been really busy with college shit. they have us running around everywhere and meeting people.

    and believe it or not, i actually do read your posts. the whole way thru.
    your a fantastic writer and i have always liked what u had to say.

    anyway, im going home this weekend and i should be on more. i hope. i gotta talk to u about some shit before i make a post.

    happy 4 years!!!!! and many more!

    p.s. this is the largest comment ive ever written. im lame

  3. Shaved legs you said? Can I some pics I like nice boy legs

    Hmm gay guy + gay wristband + gay blog = a lot of gay all around
    Anyway too much gay or not it's still cool that you joined the LGBT group and don't kill fugly boy