Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Auld Lang Syne

So Christmas has passed. It was alright, can't complain. I did get one wonderful christmas surprise gift, a nice umbrella with a curved handle and the cane tip, ah I've always wanted one! I didn't even ask for it.

What else have I been up to...

Boston Legal. I just have to say I love that show. I'm just finishing up the fourth season, and the episode I watched last night was superb, I was leaking water all over the place.

Well to be fair I was already emotional. You see I started getting very nostalgic last night, and I really got to missing high school. I'm very fortunate to have made some wonderful memories for myself back then. I will always remember my solo sojourns to the store down the street at lunch and returning with a sandwich and a new kind of apple I had never tried. I would walk in the sparkling sun, yes it did sparkle in the spring, a beautiful view of Mt. Olympus before me, and I remember knowing at the time that I was extremely happy with my life in those moments.

I was playing a lot of old songs that I haven't played in a very long time last night, that was the catalyst. Rocky Mountain High, He Ain't Heavy (He's My Brother), Cripple Creek, Amazing Grace, songs from an era in my life that will always be a happy place in my mind.

I got to thinking about all my friends, and which ones have stuck with me all the way and which ones were truly the best. To be honest, there have never been a lot of people I've been truly close to, but I can say one of the very closest friends I hold near and dear is our very own Dan.

I desperately needed the stars last night, so I took a drive. You see we are surrounded by mountains here and in the winter they have a nasty habit of holding in all the pollution from the valley. So I drove to get above all that. It was a lovely drive up and down several canyons that dot the valley. A very good time to be had.

I have to say, this is turning into a New Year's Eve post, oh well, being a little early never hurt anyone.

This year, 2009, has been one of the biggest in my life. I cannot imagine where I would be had this year not occurred the way it did.

I met all of you wonderful people in the Spring of this year.

I've taken several solo Road trips that have refreshed the soul and cleared my mind.

I have been hired by a job, and subsequently quit that job.

I have made up with old friends, and made wonderful, fabulous, unfathomably awesome new friends.

I had the summer of a lifetime.

I have had sex, alcohol, rock and roll and Life.

I am now a living person, who is graciously flawed.

I am,


Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Sorry if the last post seemed a bit frantic. It sucked, but I got a B in the class anyway (lowest grade of College so far!), so between that and my two other grades posted (still missing two, and the other two grades are an A and A-), I'm feeling pretty good about this semester.

Now I'm on break.

Not feeling up to it tonight, but later I'll post more.

For now, it's Boston Legal time!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fuck fuck fuck

I hate this semester, it's been from hell.

Top it all off with the clusterfuck of a situation.

My paper isn't due this upcoming Monday like I thought, it's due three days ago.

Fuck fuck fuck.

And me like an oblivious idiot sends an email to my professor before I realize this asking if we can meet tomorrow to go over revisions. She sends an email back:

"Everyone turned their papers in on Monday. I have to have your paper tomorrow, bring me what you have."

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck sdafjkjsdfjkasdf;agnaeribaewfamiodfmkl;asd;agjiawegkafgajsdfajsdgasdgajkhsdfasd!@!@!@!@#!!@!!@!@!!@@!@!!@

I'm gonna go finish that goddamn paper and then cry myself to sleep.