Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fuck fuck fuck

I hate this semester, it's been from hell.

Top it all off with the clusterfuck of a situation.

My paper isn't due this upcoming Monday like I thought, it's due three days ago.

Fuck fuck fuck.

And me like an oblivious idiot sends an email to my professor before I realize this asking if we can meet tomorrow to go over revisions. She sends an email back:

"Everyone turned their papers in on Monday. I have to have your paper tomorrow, bring me what you have."

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck sdafjkjsdfjkasdf;agnaeribaewfamiodfmkl;asd;agjiawegkafgajsdfajsdgasdgajkhsdfasd!@!@!@!@#!!@!!@!@!!@@!@!!@

I'm gonna go finish that goddamn paper and then cry myself to sleep.




  1. Hope you had time to finish your paperwork -the last of the year I hope- and you get to rest for the rest of the day, get a wild night, and forget everything about this past six months.

    Don´t cry yourself to sleep, better make someone cry out your name really loud in pleasure.

    Hope you get a good grade for all your effort and enjoy your last day at school partying out all night long. Take care.


  2. clusterfuck = epic choice of words =D

    hope ya got it done anyway ;)

    you can always get drunk and drown your sorrows like im doing.

  3. Oh that's a big oops. Hopefully you can recover and do the best you can with what you've got.