Thursday, July 30, 2009

What about Bob Pt 4

Ok more questions!

Oh and no work tomorrow, yay! And hopefully all my plans work out nicely. :D

26. Experiences if done or experienced any of the following questions please described the how, what, why, when or the where of it, if multiple occurrences have occurred simply discuss them in general and why you enjoy doing it or what occurred.
a. Been skinny dipping? nope
b. Best place been in life and why? I can't do bests and favorites. Here are some top contenders though. A beach in Cabo San Lucas Mexico with the blood red moon rising above the ocean horizon; Lake Lucern in Switzerland, god it's gorgeous there; the bonneville bench above the Salt Lake valley on a cold winter night with a million stars struggling to be seen in the city lights. The bow of a cruise boat in the Caribbean with the moonlight above and the wind rushing through my hair. Moonlight seems to show up a bit don't it? Haha I like the moon. It's magical really.
c. Worst place you have been to in life and why? I can't say that I've been to somewhere i've really loathed sorry.
d. Place you want to visit and why? New Zealand, I've heard it's beautiful. I'll have to go on a full moon too. That would be sooooo awesome.
e. Worst experience you have had in life? Perhaps the mental paralysis I experienced earlier this spring. Man it was horrible. Or perhaps the one time I got really really sick and I was just laying on the couch touching my fingers together to see if they were still there and had feeling. I was having existential thoughts about how the world was really a sham and there was no meaning, I was really wacky.
f. Best experience you have had in life? Anytime I can travel :D
g. Best thing that has been done for you by another? Reach out to me. Anytime someone makes the effort to reach out to me it makes me feel wanted loved and it's the best feeling. Unfortunately it doesn't happen much :/
h. Worst thing you have done to another? Perhaps I can be a bit of an ass to people that i'm comfortable with and some people i just am an ass to and I don't know why...
i. What wouldI do with you and your friends on a Friday night? Well it depends on the friends i'm with, but lately it would be wandering around downtown SLC.
j. What is the worst Matt has been drunk before? The most I've ever had to drink in one night has been a few sips of a few drinks. I don't drink.
K. Has Matt ever been arrested? Only in the gaze of a beautiful boy :P

Ok I'll admit for these next questions, I'm a bit of a clothes horse. hehe

27. What is your favorite type of clothes you like to wear? Well I try to be stylish when I can, so I suppose any outfit that I think goes well together is what I like. I do enjoy formal wear as well.

28. Favorite designer or manufacturer you like to wear? Hmm... well I do enjoy American Eagle. I like their fabrics and they always have wonderful bright rich colors.

29. Favorite foot wear? Well right now I love my Birkenstock clogs lol I am a hippie after all. Other than that I like Teva Sandals. Sneakerwise, I like anything sleek and with a low profile. Dress shoes, patent leather oxfords. Rubber soles FTL!! All leather baby.

30. Do you prefer to wear boxers, briefs or do you go commando? I do enjoy boxers, but I also enjoy boxer briefs. I haven't gotten myself a pair of briefs yet, haven't found any sexy ones i like yet lol.

31. Favorite item of clothing you own and why? Well I suppose it could be one of my hats. I have a few hats that I really like. My favorite two are my pub cap I got in London, it's green with a herringbone pattern and is all wool. Then there is my checkered fedora, it has an feather in it from a hat I got in Austria.

32. What clothing do you sleep in, if any? Well usually just athletic type shorts or nothing.

33. Book you want to read that you haven't yet? There are many, but let's go with... Ulysses by James Joyce.

34. Favorite movie that you've seen? Dan in Real Life. Love it. Recently I saw Stand By Me, it was really good. Even more recently I saw Up, man I cried a lot in that movie. lol

35. Movie you want to see that you haven't yet? Shawshank Redemption (sorry Dan!)

36. Favorite video game you have played? I'll list a few of the best. Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3, Chrono Trigger, Banjo Kazooie, Pokemon, and The Sims.

37. Video game you want to play that you haven't yet? None right now that I can think of.

38. Explain to me what is it about these video games that makes you want to play them? They are fun. What can I say. I also love the story in many of them.

39. If your house was on fire, what five possessions would you grab before running out? 1. guitars 2. laptop 3. hats 4. a bandanna 5. My camera (so I could take pictures of the fire and aftermath)

40. What is your most prized possession? I don't put too much attachment value to objects. So I don't really prize possessions much. But if I had to pick, it would be a guitar of mine.

41. If you could go on anywhere in the world for a visit where would you want to fly to? and Why? Just one place? aww man... lets go with the Fjords of Finland :D Cause they are cool.

42. And separately what amusement park in the world would you like to travel to? I've heard Thorpe park is nice, but Cedar point wins my vote.

43. Do you have a middle name and if so what is it? I do and it's the same as what you call someone of one of the major three religions in the world :D

44. Has Matt broken any bones and so which ones? Nope never, not so much as a cavity or surgery :D

45. Does Matt have a nickname and if so what is it? I have several but they are plays off my last name and I don't want to reveal that yet.

46. What sports does Matt like? I like skiing, fencing, sailing, football (American) soccer, badminton, whatever it's cool.

47. What kind of sports did or does Matt play growing up and now? Not many that what kind lol.

48. What is the worst thing Matt has done to anyone else in his life in Matt's opinion? Push people away? I dunno I don't really do horrible things...

49. Whats the most embarrassing thing that someone has done to Matt? Hmm... perhaps there was the time that I was pantsed in the hotel swimming pool by my friends. They took my suit left me naked in the pool and then played keep away with it.

50. Matt, named teh five nicest things you have ever received in Life? Kindness, love, acceptance, hugs, kisses, and a hat.

Other than Dan for these questions but you should give him some credit :) (Dan there's your credit)

51. Who was the first blogger you emailed? Oh gosh... hmm...oh right it was Mboy. Well actually i think it was a response to Bob first.

52. Who was the first blogger to email you after you began blogging? Bob!

53. Who was teh first blogger you contacted on MSN? Maybe Bob or Mboy.

54. Who was teh first blogger who contacted you on MSN? See above?

55. What has been the best thing about blogging for you? All of you!!

56. Do you like sunsets or sunrises better and why? Sunsets, more romantic, and I'm never up for the sunrise.

57. Do you like staring at the stars at night and why? It's one of my favorite thigns to do! I like getting lost in the immensity of it all.

58. Would you rather swim in the ocean or a pool and why? A mountain lake! Because they are soooo cold!

59. Thunder or lighting, why? Lighting, cause it's prettyful.

60. Storms or sunshine and why? Storms cause I love a rainy night such a beautiful sight.

I'll leave you for tonight with that.

Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow to finish all these questions. Maybe in between my declarations of ever changing life!

Until tomorrow,


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What About Bob Pt 3

Oy this one is coming in late, things are getting busy here at the Matt station.

It's getting last though and I have to get up fairly early so I'm going to just jump right in with the questions.

10. What does Matt want to do when he grows up?
Oh god I have no idea. Lawyer, Teacher, Sound Engineer, Stay at Home Dad, Professional Musician, Historian, Philosopher, it changes every week!

11. What does Matt want to study at College?
See above answer.

12. What thing or activity, do you enjoy doing or participating more than anything else in your life?
Simply living my good man, simply living.

13. What is your favorite band, and why?
I can't pick a favorite, because it changes all the time. Lately I have been listening to a lot of Neil Young though. I like him because of his diverse range and his wonderfully potent lyrics.

14. What is your favorite CD or record, and why?
Well no CD is favorited, but oddly enough I do have a favorite record. Tapestry by Carole King. I just love that album.

15. What song do you sing in the shower?
Usually jazz numbers. Or songs from musicals. Basically those song where I can really belt it out and have a great time.

16. College plans when you first started this blog you talk about going to the U of Washington, what is happening and with you college career and where are you attending school next year?
Well I think Washington is a bust as of now, so I'll be staying at the U for a while longer!

17. Camping what piece of advice do you have for novice campers and what one piece of equipment do you always bring camping?
Don't over pack. You don't need all that. I always bring a bandanna, most useful item out in the wilderness for most situations.

18. Where is Matt happier in the woods hiking or on the lake sailing?
In the woods. I just don't sail that much anymore. But there are magical moments with each so I can't say for certain.

19. Do you still consider yourself a hippie and if yes why?
Well I'm a hippie that cuts my hair and dresses pretty square at times, but yes I am a hippie. I believe in the power of love and the ideals that the good hippies strove for. Peace and love man, peace and love.

20. What is your favorite food?
Italian. Pretty much. Love pasta.

21. What are your favorite home cooked meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
Breakfast: Breakfast burrito, I make a mean one. Lunch: Ham Brie and Apple sandwhich, delicious. Dinner: Pesto Pasta with sauteed Bell Pepper Mushroom and Onion. I make all those dishes myself.

22. Favorite Icecream?
Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia, hands down.

23. Who is your favorite actor?
Oh there you are with favorites again... wait a minute... lol. Steve Carrell perhaps is my favorite.

24. Who is the cutest actor?
Oh gosh I dunno. Devon Werkheiser is pretty cute though (Dan ;D)

25. Do you have a favorite website to collect all the cute boy pics you have?
Hmm... well is a pretty nice one I s'pose.

Ok I'm actually quite tired now, and should really go to bed, so this is where I end tonight. Hopefully more tomorrow morning!

G'night all.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What About Bob Pt 2

More questions!

By the way, if you have any additional questions that you would like answered feel free to ask whatever you like, although I know most of you are sick of these, so I'm not expecting them. However if there is something you would like to know, please ask!

Oh and yesterday was a long ass day (haha i'm writing in the past tense although this is the night of the day that i wrote this which is yesterday but really today, confusing much? haha don't worry about it, none of that made sense to me either). I hope today won't be as bad.

Questions! I'm gonna try to get most of these multi-part questions out of the way now.

2. Tell us a little something about New Zealand, the type of place where you live in general is it a city rural, suburb and something you like about where you live?

Haha oh Bob, not scanning your questions before you shoot them off. I'm answering anyway! Lord of the Rings was largely shot in New Zealand. I live in the suburbs, and I like it because there is nature only 15 minutes away. Lovely!

3. What do you feel is the most important decision you will make:
a. This week: What to do for my birthday!
b. Next Year: What to pick for a major. Eep!
c. In the Next Ten Years: I can't think that far in the future...
d. In your whole life: Finding someone to love and that someone to love me too.

4. Your biggest concern in life about:
a. another person you know in real life is? I dunno, that everything will work out right for everyone I know? It's hard to say.
b. any other person is? Same answer :/
c. any event that has recently occurred is? Well it happened last fall but the decimation of the Common Ground Initiative by the Utah Legislature sure pissed me off. The threat of being fired because I'm gay is still alive and well in Utah.
d. Any war. Did I mention I'm a bit of a hippie? :P

5. We all that a lot of blogs are but few of the readers consistently comment on blogs
a. How do you feel about the number of coments you are receiving on your posts? Well I won't lie, I see people getting over 10 comments per post and that makes me quite jealous. I want more like everyone. Sheer number wise that is.
b. How do you feel about those you comment of your blog? Well I have to say I'm glad that you folks are out there commenting, which makes me really happy. I just wish sometimes you made your comments a bit longer lol, I guess I can't always get what I want :p haha.
c. Do you comment on the blogs you read a lot, why or why not? Well I try to, honestly I do, but sometimes it's hard. Especially when I've been gone a while. I usually don't make up comments i've missed. When you do get a comment from me, they are generally fairly lengthy, so I guess that makes up for the sparse numbers. If you want me to comment more, just email me so that you want them, and I probably will!
d. Do you block, delete, or moderate your comments in any way, including disallowing anonymous comments why or why not? Well considering I don't have to deal with anonymous commenters much, if at all, they don't bother me lol. I wouldn't want to delete comments or anything like that though, too much like censorship. That being said, I haven't ever gotten a mean comment so who knows how i'll react then.

6. You started a blog last April I believe (and you believe correctly!)
a. Have any major changes related to your blogging occured in your life since beginning to blog, that you want to share with us? Well... I can't really blog as much now that I've got a job. Plus I've lost a bit of anonymity since I started so I have to be a bit more careful in what I write about.
b. Is there a message you are trying to tell us through your blog? Not intentionally. However things you may be picking up on include the following: the absurdity of life, i'm gay, i like photography, don't make the mistakes I do.
c. Do you blog at a certain time of day? Well it's either in the mornings or the nigh time.
d. What do you think of anonymous commentators in general, should they be allowed? WEll sure, everyone has a voice. And besides, we've all started blogging with our anonymity in mind, why can't people comment with that same desire? Just don't be an asshole anonymously.

7. Photography it appears you love to take pictures and some of them are stunning btw (why thank you, thank you much), but:

a. What do you enjoy taking pictures of the most? Anything peculiar odd or different.
b. What kind of camera do you use? An old Nikon Coolpix 4600 I got years ago as a gift for my trip to Europe.
c. What is more enjoyable to you photography or music? Music. Pictures are cool, but they don't stir up my emotions like music does.

8. You write songs, play several instruments and seem to have a real understanding and love of music:

a. Who or what inspired you into music? I dunno, music did. I heard it, and wanted to be able to do it myself, so here I am.
b. What is your favorite instrument to play? The Guitar. It's what i'm most proficient in and so I can have more fun playing it. When I get up to speed on other instruments I may enjoy them more.
c. What is the subject matter of the song you most enjoy that you have written? Well I have enjoyed many of the songs that I've written. So I can't pick a favorite. Generally my songs have been about letting go of inhibitions, something I wish I could do easier.
d. Who is a better audience trees or people? Hahaha, well... that's a tough one. I would have to say people though. Even if they are ignoring you some of the time, when they listen you know, trees ignore you all of the time, or when they do listen, you're none the wiser.
e. Will you ever post you singing one of your songs on your blog? Well if I ever get some proper recording equipment, I may just do that. I want to share with you folk, but I am limited by technology or the lack thereof. Soon hopefully though!

9. Internet use
a. How many hours a day are you on the net on average? I've never really counted them out, but a lot I'm sure. If I had to guess, maybe 5-7 hours a day? maybe?
b. Can you break that down by time on blogs, MSN and other activities? No, because I have no idea. I'm pretty much always on MSN though, if I'm on the internet I'm on MSN.
c. Can you imagine life without the internet? No. Because such a life has never existed for me. It's the same problem I have with people complaining about gas prices. To me $3 a gallon is normal. When people say that $1 was the average and normal, that means nothing to me because that doesn't fit within my mind's capacity to imagine what I've not experience in some form or another. So to return to the internet, as long as I can remember there has been the internet so I can't possibly imagine a world without it.

Good god that was long. Hopefully the questions will be a bit shorter than those in the future.

Oh and here is your cutie Dan for making it this far.

Monday, July 27, 2009

What about Bob Pt. 1

So today I am going to start answering all of Bob's infamously lengthy list of questions. However I realize that I have no interest in doing them all at once, nor do you have interest in reading them all at once. So I will be posting everyday this week with some answers and whatever else is going on in my life (and a cute boy picture for Dan at the end
of everyone).

So without further ado, here is the first set of questions!

1. Matt I would like to get a few basics about what you look like for those of us who have never met you so :

a. What color eyes ands hair (ok before it was pink) do you have?

My hair is blond (never been pink lol and no I'm not going to edit the questions) and my eyes are "hazel" in that they change from blue to green depending on my outfit.

b. What is your height and weight?

I am 5'11'' (~180 cm) and about 150-160 lbs (68-72 kg).

b. how would you describe your skin color?

White. Well it's tan now thanks to the river :D

c. Do you have any identifying marks on you?

Not particularly. I have an odd birthmark thingy on my tummy below my belly button but it's tiny and no one ever sees it.

d. Do you have any other scars and would you share how you got them


I used to have several scars but they have all faded now. (Unless you count what the doctor did to my wee wee when I was but a wee wee), but i used to have an awesome pirate scar on my left arm, I got it running into this thing sticking out of a cart in a toys-r-us.

e. Is your six pack visible to others?

Bwahaahaha. What six pack? Oh the one under the keg? Oh... nope.

f. What do others think is your best physical aspect?

I dunno...

g. What do you think your best physical aspect is?

My facial profile. Haha. I like looking at my face in profile rather than head on. I dunno.

h. Do you have dimples, if so how many?

I guess when I smile I do...

i. Do you have freckles?

Not really

j. How is your tan line looking?

Pretty farmerish, but it's good. Thank you river!

k. how do you keep your self so skinny, we have all seen the body shot :)

I don't do anything really. Body takes care of it. But I have started doing crunches in the morning. So hopefully that will help drain the keg so I can bring out the six pack.

Ok that's all for questions for today!

Cute boys!


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Up the Lazy River


Well hello everyone!

Finally I am clean shaven, with properly brushed teeth, clean non-greasy hair, regular food, clean clothed, and comfortably situated in a warm and proper bed.

It’s been a really fun week and tomorrow I go back to work… BOO!! Oh well. I figure I had better get this post up tonight or else I won’t be getting it up for a while.

So without further ado, here is my recap of the past week with pictures to enjoy as well!


Saturday: Finish packing, meet everyone, pack up the trailers (we had to take 5 of them, there were over 50 people in the Troop and Crew combined with adult leaders counted as well) and drive out to Camp New Fork in Wyoming.

 New Fork 002

Almost there


Sunday: Get situated in camp. Play around at the water front which we had to ourselves cause not many people arrive as early as us. Had a church service to go to in the morning. Choose your friends wisely was the message, not much room for diversity if you have to surround yourself with people who have similar values as you.


New Fork 011New Fork 006


Monday: Pack up everything for the river into three six gallon buckets. Float down the river for a short little while. Camp in a lovely little aspen grove in which the mosquitos were not so lovely. In fact they were damn right biblical in proportion. My legs still itch from bites.


New Fork 047

Some cute chicks

New Fork 039


New Fork 040  

Dizzying heights.


Tuesday: Long lazy float down the river. Saw Bald Eagles, Osprey, Hawks, Pelicans, and Blue Herons. Water fights in canoes. Cow bones. Solitude on the river. Grumpy Cattle Ranchers. Feelings of getting lost. Camp. Pit toilets.


Wednesday: Rapids! Made it safe through though. Took some pictures with a disposable waterproof camera, but haven’t gotten them developed yet, perhaps another post…


Thursday: More River, rocks, rapids, and one crazy fun dam.

 New Fork 048 New Fork 049 New Fork 051

From the River


Friday: Back to base camp. Day trip to more river/rapids. Swamped for the first time, fell out of canoe and floated down river for a bit. Cold water and bruised bum. Made the rest safely. Jumped off bridge several times. Back to base camp. Stayed up late around campfire with some good friends. Heart was warmed by the sight of one scout helping another out.


*Pause story to explain in detail*


In the troop there is one of the youngest scouts named William. Will is a really cute little kid. He was dropped on his head as a child though. No really, he brags about it. Real talkative kid but has trouble sometimes. He was finishing a woven seat for his basketry merit badge which he had to get finished by Saturday before we left camp. Well it was 11 at night on Friday and it still wasn’t done. One of the crew members, Eric, who is known to be quite the vile, crazy, and sometimes vicious kid, has a bit of a soft spot for William. Eric is a good kid though, and he stayed up late with Will helping him get his seat done. It nearly brought tears to my eyes to watch it.


*Back to story*


Friday continued: Won (sorta) an iron man race back at camp. It was running, canoeing and swimming. Twist, we had to keep a match dry. I was the first over the finish line, but my match was toast, ergo 10th place. However for the kids in the troop cheering me on, 1st over the line was 1st in their books. I won that iron man race three years ago, but we had an egg to protect. Got second but the guy before me cracked his egg, ergo 1st.


Saturday: Packed up and headed home.


There’s probably a lot I’ve missed. However I must save it for another post. Maybe I’ll do a follow up post to fill in any holes I may have missed.


Sorry for the length!


Get ready for another long one soon though, Bob finally sent me his list of questions. I look forward to the challenge of answering every last one of them.


Well, More Pictures and More Good Times to Come!




Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm Back! Hooray!

Hey alls! I'm back from my trip!

It was really fun and details and pictures will be forthcoming!

Oooops... I don't really have much to say right now. Maybe later or tomorrow... Oh and as always I'm on msn so talk to me there!

Bubye for now!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Hello! Goodbye!

Oh geez... Where have I been...

Where haven't I been? That's a better question... I guess...

Man[s] and ladies?! perhaps? I dunnoooOooOoo...

I have been crazy busy lately. With work and play and living in general. I've been doing all sorts of stuff in the evenings and that makes it hard to get up in the mornings. Which makes it hard to blog in the mornings when I'm not too tired to put thoughts together. This post will take me forever I guarentee it. Time now:9:14 pm.

So yeah work. Been good. Making money. Keeping fit. Fucking exhausting I tells yah!

Play. Been hanging out with my friend Brent a lot lately. He's the weird one I'm sure I've mentioned before. He's burning me out. He's so negative all the time. Sure the adventures we go on are always a blast, but I feel like such a negative person afterwards. Oh well.

Plus I'm still reading blogs and such and chatting with some of you on the MSN (Warwick you're amazing!!) but it seems like someone somewhere is always hurting. It's hard keeping up. I've stopped commenting because most of the time I only have the energy to read about everything. I'm getting a bit burned out blogging too. I haven't been able to make posts and it gets easier and easier to let another day slip away.

Man I need a vacation.

Wait! This just in! I'm leaving tomorrow for a week!!!11!11one!111!  long vacation/camp!

That's right. I'm leaving tomorrow at 9 AM for summer camp. I'll be going up to Wyoming to a scout camp there. Not to brag or anything but my Troop has traditionally been the best at everything and summer camp is our time to shine. Of course I'm in the venture crew now, so that means I'll be going canoeing for 5 days. WhoOo! It's gonna be way fun and it'll be the break I need. So expect a well rested, recharged, and smelly/dirty/tired/exhausted/happy Matt when I return.

I will miss you all so very much!!

As per the standard rules when I'm gone, no fighting, unhappiness, drama, quitting without telling anyone, and most importantly, NO FUN WITHOUT ME!!! Cause I'll feel left out...


Oh and I’m just not gonna blog about this past week and all that because I can’t be bothered to go back and analyze everything right now. So when I get back I’ll just start afresh again!

So here are some pictures from my latest crazynesses.


Random Downtown 055 

A mountain of cookies that I baked!



An ooolder picture.

Random Downtown 113

My Fair City at Night (just before the goddamn parking ticket. grrr stupid rich people’s private property/killerview naziness)

Random Downtown 057

More of my fair city, by the way that’s what all of the following are.

Random Downtown 062

A wonderful vacant lot. Saw a jazzband at midnight there last friday. Yesterday played my guitar there for a bit for some friends.

Random Downtown 066


Random Downtown 086

Ahh.. Informative banners.

Random Downtown 095

Self portrait #2

Random Downtown 100

Tragedy (it’s a spilled beer lol)

Random Downtown 106




Hope you enjoyed that.


Man I’m gonna miss you guys!! (Show how much you miss me by commenting a lot. Please?!)


Until I return,




Monday, July 13, 2009

Quick Before Work


oh yeah... woke up late... reading blog... commenting on blogs (sorry I'm so spotty with that, some I comment on, some I don't...)...

Got the Sims 3 yesterday... WHOO! So addicting. Named my first Sim on that game Warwick ;-) and my second Charlie. They are soo cute together, so I'll have to get photos soon.

There was sunday.

This is gotta be quick so here are some bullet points from Saturday and Friday (in that order, It'S BaCkWaRdS DaY?1.!32)


  • Haircut! (I love it!)
  • Park City
  • Art Galleries
  • Fish and Chips

  • Street Preacher debates Downtown
  • Walked around downtown
  • Sat in Temple Square for a while
  • Played a little harmonica
  • Talked about life the universe and everything
  • Tried to walk up to the drive through at McDonalds
  • Went and got the car to try again
  • Saw a really cool jazz band in a vacant lot at midnight. So awesome.

All in all it was a good weekend.

Sorry for the short post. I dislike work...

Cute boy!

See ya'll later!


Friday, July 10, 2009

Blog blog blog blog.

Didn't want to think of a title.

*yawn* slept really well last night. Like solidly. And I dreamed! And sorta remember them now! Which is rare cause I never do that!

So first dream, was about someone... haha can I be anymore clear, someone dear to me and they came over to my house, which was really weird because they would never do that, and he had friends with him, and they egged the house, but to be cool I egged it too (later to go clean it up real quick). Then everyone went out on my back porch.

Forward to other dream, I was some where on the coast with my family. I remember a board walk... and then this place off in a field, it was a shotgun range. I sat and watched and waited in line to get my turn with the pump action shotguns. When it was my turn I loaded two slugs and shot at the two slugs set off on the course. I think I missed them both :( Well as I was leaving appearently my family and I were going to sail across the bay (or some open body of water) and the guy at the shotgun place, a stout man with white hair and a white beard, said something like, "well it certainly got wavey didn't it? This morning it was really clear but now it's pretty bad." Then I remember walking down the dock putting on sunscreen and then seeing two boats and my brother in one and my dad in the other. I got into one of them put my feet in the hiking strap and leaned way out over the side of the boat. Then I woke up.

Ahh this is turning into a longer post than I wanted it to be!

So I had a bit of an interesting experience the other night. I was on a bit of a roll when it came to coming out. Told two. First friend actually surprisingly accepting, sort of shrugged it off. Not so interesting. However, with my second friend (whom I have showed this blog now, Hello out there second friend!) it was interesting, because after I came out he returned the favor. We spent the night talking about it and boys and while it was strange and odd at times, it was nice at the same time because now I feel I have someone "in real life" who understands and whom I can talk about.

So yeah... I dunno. I'm having trouble writing this morning, keep getting distracted. So I guess I'll distract you all with these...

Cute boys!


photo9 43f0069a15d1d OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         geil2 Neckless


Ah those arranged themselves perfectly! I don’t want to mess them up with captions!

SO…. Top Left makes me wanna just jump on him… hehe. Top Right, I like his style. Middle- gah I love that picture, it was my background for a long time… Bottom Left haha love the tanktop… Bottom right, that one is for you Dan.


Ok I think that’s all.


Work work work work….




Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A bit more of a... "Stout" post today.

Wow I've been making long posts lately.

Time to shorten it up a bit.

Talked to one of my friends in Arizona today (the ones I went to go visit). I came out to him a few weeks ago through text and I haven't really talked to him since until last night. It was a little odd talking about boys to someone else, but he's really supportive and one of the best friends I could ask for. He even offered to be my wingman at the gay clubs... If only he wasn't in Arizona, well maybe there's August when he comes back...

Oh and I want a kitten, like real bad.

Cute boy!

He's my new desktop

Oh and if I could ever get my hair to look like that I would never get it cut except to maintain that glorious mane. Oh yeah I think I'm getting a haircut soon, or at the very least a trim.

I'm running out of farewells!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rocky Mountain Hiiiiigh…

So I hiked a mountain Sunday.

Granduer Peak. 5 miles laterally. 1 mile up.

I don’t think I’ve ever had sweat drip off my nose like that before.

Well worth it though, good excercise and a great view.

Here, I’ll prove it.

Grandeur 008 Grandeur 009

A gate to adventure!

Grandeur 013

On the trail, it was pretty much up the whole way.

Grandeur 031

Wildflowers were beautiful.

Grandeur 015

On the way up.

Grandeur 025


Grandeur 021


Grandeur 039

Grandeur 043

Views from the top.

Grandeur 044

Some Geological marker thingy.

Grandeur 047

View from the great pisser known as nature.

Grandeur 048

The lunchroom in the shade.

Grandeur 050

Ahh what a fair city.

Grandeur 051

There’s the peak!

Grandeur 053


I wonder if he’s related to that tree at the grand canyon…

Oh the polls basically show that you’re devilishly split on my insanity, but there’s at least 6 of you who are as insane as I am, watch out!

Oh and the anonymous roll call is serving it’s purpose. I have about 20 of you out there reading regularly that never show yourselves, I challenge at least 1/4 of you to make a comment!

Ok, this makes post #2 of the day, probably should have saved it for tomorrow but oh well…

See yahs,


Where it is that I blog from.


I have a few pictures that I’d like to share with you all.

Firstly I’ve been tagged in the “where you blog from” game.

I’ll admit, I didn’t expect to be tagged, but then lo and behold, I' was tagged twice. So I guess I have to do it, and a little more.

Oh and this damn skeeter bite on my ankle is driving me bonkers.


Look in the top left corner! First communion picture! I was such a good catholic boy, well on my way to becoming an altar boy… oh well.

I blog from my best most of the time, it’s private and comfortable, for the most part.

Blogoverse (1)

Notice what I’ve been getting away with as my desktop? Hehe. That hat I bought in Haiti too.

Blogoverse (2)

Every now and then I blog from here. Stick the computer on the end where that ice tea can is.

Blogoverse (9)

How I usually blog from the desk.

Blogoverse (8)

Sometimes I blog on the couch too.

Blogoverse (3)

Where I do NOT blog from…

Blogoverse (6)

Where I Bake from…

Blogoverse (4)

The view from my bed. Yes that is a map of the world on my ceiling, and no it’s not upside down, you are.

Blogoverse (5)

I actually have a bit of a collection of Rosaries going on… Also I have no idea where the Jesus picture came from but it’s just lived in that corner of my room for a while. Oh and I haven’t been to church since Christmas Eve…

So that’s where I blog from!

Now to tag…

Ken over at the new Re-named (but still kinda dirty (sorry! XD)) Adjusting Myself

Courage, you’re up as well.

Mikey, I’m sure you’ve been tagged but here we are again.

Whenever Almishboi gets back, he’s been tagged.

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And finally, I know you’ve been tagged, but damnit, I wanna tag you too! Dan of Dailydan.

Okidoke, how’s that for a post that’s not overloaded and enjoyable to read. Oh and I’ll talk about the poll soon (I know I’ve sorta just ignored it).

Until next time biznitches,

--- Matt