Sunday, October 11, 2009

National Coming Out Day!

Alright everyone, in honor of National Coming Out Day please leave a comment filling in the following blank:

National Coming Out Day: Because closets are for ________.

It'll be fun, trust me!

My answer, because it's the most obvious one,

National Coming Out Day: Because closets are for clothes.

Try it out everyone, be creative and unique!

Being out is fun,


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Toga toga toga!

Heh... It's been a while ain't it.

Sorry about that. I've been busy.

Update time!

So Monday. My date was fun with Nick, we have a lot in common actually (both played the same role in our senior shows in high school). We got to the theater about a half an hour early which gave us time to talk which was nice. It didn't really get awkward at all which is always nice. Then we got to our seats for the show. It was a good show (the 3rd time I'd seen it by then), and he seemed to be enjoy it as well. We would look over at each other in the funny parts and such. I also had some fruit mentos (i love those things) and so I would hand him some every now and then and he always gave me the cutest smile. Then after the show we walked out to the parking lot, and then he gave me a hug (not a very good one either (but he redeemed himself last night, but that's for later)) and I drove off and he drove away.

So that was my date. First one in over a year, and first one with a guy. Pretty good.

God this is going to be a long post I think, sorry, just prepare yourselves.

So the date was fun and all but now I don't know how to proceed. See I get the feeling he doesn't like clingy-ness and he said he always attracts crazy guys. Now I'm afraid that I'll be too clingy or too crazy. I don't know what the right levels are so I'm sorta paralyzed into no action. I don't think he knows I like him as much as I do either, but I've been sort of hiding it, or rather just not expressing it. Example, whenever we've been in the center, I'll talk to him or whatever, and then I'll go off and do something else, and then we'll talk for a while and I'll go off and talk to someone else or whatever. So basically I'm treating him like I would most other people. I dunno I'm over thinking this. I'm going to try a bit harder this week I think. Open and honest communication shall be my next tactic.

So anyway, yeah really busy week. I've just had a ton of school work to do and work on top of that makes it really hard to blog. I warned you all before that things may get busy, and they have, and I've been slack reading blogs, only reading a few here and there and I don't plan on catching up. Sorry :/

But now, to last night. I had work all day long at the theater. Well that's a lie, I had two shifts, the matinee and the evening, and I went shopping for new clothes in between, and I bought a really cute outfit, I'm proud of myself for that. Maybe I'll get some pictures up later. Who knows. (*Instantly knows what all the comments are going to say now (pics pics pics!!!)*) But yeah, I had to get an outfit together for that night. You see, this week is Pride Week at my University and there was an inter-collegiate dance last night. Well by the time I got there, only a handful of people were left, but apparently it was like that all night with people coming and going. Nick was there though, and he gave me a hug that mostly made up for the poor one last time, mostly. He still needs work haha.

Oh ok, here's another example of what I was talking about earlier. So this guy Ian asks me to dance (it was a slow dance), well being the friendly person I am, I said yes. Oh and Ian is fun, but not my type, so don't get ideas like that (I hope he's not getting those idea's either...) but I would have rather been dancing with Nick. I didn't really talk to him much either, which looking back I really should have.

But yeah, so that broke up about 45 minutes after I showed up, so then I went to get sushi with some friends from highschool. It wasn't that great of a time... I think I'm moving past them a bit. Oh well cause afterwards TOGA PARTY!

That's right, I went to a Toga party, and not one at some stupid frat house (it was actually at Ian's house, yes that Ian). My first real college party I guess you could say. All I'm going to say is that I'm kind of a lightweight, and the boy in just his underwear was hot!

And here we are at today. :)

Hopefully the next update won't be another week away,