Friday, January 29, 2010

A little clarification.

I am actually quite excited about the prospect of blogging everyday in February.

I feel that I've just lacked the motivation to post lately. So by forcing myself to do it, it'll be like a jump start.

So you nay-sayers can doubt and fret, but I'm doing it. I may hate it by the end but I won't stop.

On another note.

My first class this semester was canceled.

Normally a joyous occasion this time the reasons surrounding it are not so joyous. My professor went out of town Wednesday to return yesterday. Apparently her best friend from college had died on Wednesday. In an email to class she suggested that we all take a best friend out to coffee or tea, in general just spend time with them.

Unfortunately my best friend is busy working today and is going out of town today as well, but we've been texting and I'm drinking tea so I guess it counts.

Anyway, I suggest you all take the same advice. Call that best friend, see if they are busy, if not, go do something with them, if they are, tell them to hell with being busy you're gonna go do stuff anyway. And be sure to tell them you love them too.

Wishing I could take a lot of you out to tea/and/or/coffee,



  1. You ask a question I give an answer then you complain that I gave one you didn't like

    Do you want me to give an answer or should I keep my mouth shut?

    It's your blog and I will follow your rules

  2. I didn't mean to be confrontational. You can say what you would like, it may be my blog but your voice belongs to you and I cannot silence it. That being said, I took what you said as a challenge.

    And as for my rules? I'm an anarchist at heart, you know what's right, I know what's right, no one needs to set and enforce rules to institutionalize a sense of right. It should just exist.

  3. You didn't sound confrontational you sounded like you complied about not getting the answer you wanted

    You mean blogging everyday and seeing if you hate it or not? well then I'm happy to be proven wrong but don't expect me to admit anything after the month is up

    Nope I think it will be a while before the full effects are felt(or I could be wrong)

    True it should that doesn't mean it always does with that being said I get your point

  4. *solidarity in hot cocoa*