Saturday, January 30, 2010

Looks like I'm starting early eh?

Well I guess I am.

I know I'll probably fall into the pitfalls of other bloggers and such who endeavor to this kind of challenge, running out of ideas.

So I'm going to ask early on if people have suggestions for things that I could talk about.

If I like the suggestion I'll do it, if I don't... hell I'll probably do it anyway.

Oh and in other news, I have exactly one picture for every day in February, so if nothing else, come for the cute boys!



  1. Writing a blog every day of the week is really tough. I'm sure there are plenty of interesting things in your life that you can discuss - or let your feelings guide you towards a post. Feeling bad? Write about it. Feeling silly? Write something frivolous.

    DON'T just start posting a picture of a cuteboy every day or you will fall into a routine and then find it difficult to get out of that pattern.

  2. Matt

    I always liked your posts describing your trips and travels ( singing to trees, walks in nature and the pics you put up with them lol) and also about your music and wha that means to you

    but anything will be nice and i wish it was a leap year if you are showing cute guys lol

    take care and be safe

    Ill be looking for all these posts