Sunday, February 14, 2010

February 13/14 - What a Weekend.

So yeah, I missed yesterday. Whoops. I was busy ok?

So I guess I'll start with friday. Wine and Cheese/Housewarming Party for two of my good friends who have moved in together. One's a Dewey Decimal Dyke (her own label) and the other is your typical ex-mormon gay boy. I love them both. It was a great party and they have the coolest apartment. I love it.

So yesterday. I went to see 12 Angry Men again, this time with my Grandma, we have season tickets (she's been going for over 15 years with her friends, in the last 3 I've been joining with them). She's always very appreciative of me driving her to see the shows, she's not able to make the drive anymore on account of her eyesight being so bad. We went out to dinner afterward and I took her home. Then I went to work until the end.

After work I went to my good friend's birthday party for a little bit, she's turning 20. I had a bit of cake and left because it really was just a vag party and I was the honorary penis, I didn't want to take advantage of my privilege. So I left and went to another friend's birthday party. It was fun, big house party type environment, I didn't drink much (one drink really, and then plenty of water) because I had to drive my Dad to the airport this morning.

Yeah so today, I didn't do much. Other than see Where the Wild Things Are. Simply amazing. Nothing more to be added.



  1. a vag party and I was the honorary penis

  2. Haha, meaning that I was the only guy at the party. It was a girls only party and I was the exception.

  3. would that been so hard to say Matt?

  4. No it wouldn't have, but I choose to say the more, albeit, confusing and entertaining way of putting it.

    Plus that's what really happened, my friend said "I'm having a vag party, you can be the honorary penis though." And she introduced me as such as other people arrived.

  5. lol

    Are you sure you don't know my friends? seeing how they would say something similar

  6. Haha who knows. Maybe you just have good taste in friends.