Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February 16 - You Make Me Feel so Young...

You make me feel like Spring is Sprung!

Haha no reason for that other than the exceptionally nice weather we are having today. It's actually somewhat warm and sunny. Fun times at Ridgemont High.

So yeah, it was good to be back in school even if I didn't have a single "formal" class to go to. One class was canceled, the other "canceled" so we could go to a lecture on genocide.

The lecture (really technically a forum I suppose) was really interesting. It was about the legal side of genocide, what is is etc. Basically the presenter concluded that we should put aside debates over "genocide" for now, as the arguments surrounding such a definition are heated and don't usually go anywhere, and because of the very narrow legal definition of genocide, and instead, persecute Criminals again Humanity, which the international jurisdiction for crimes against humanity are more open and include more groups as well as acts.

It was a very interesting view on what genocide is and how we should prosecute it and other atrocities.

On a lighter note, I've started playing Chrono Trigger again, the best game for the SNES and possibly of all time. I love this game! It's a big time suck though, so I should probably limit my playing...

Oh and I think I'll start commenting on my posts so it doesn't seem like I'm a complete loser. I know people are reading as I get about 80 hits a day, but I guess no one can be bothered to write a comment (I'm talking to those who never comment, not that who have recently). Perhaps I'll start pimping my blog for some new readers (in addition to all you wonderful ones). I know this sounds a bit whiny and it really is, especially considering I never comment on other posts, but c'est la vie! I can be a bit greedy too.

Feel free to comment that I'm completely wrong! :P



  1. Haha just kidding, I'm not really going to write comments to myself to make it seems like I have friend...

    ha... haha... hahaaha ahhh!


  2. ill be your friend :]

  3. wow the lack of comments has made you a little loopy huh lol

  4. Matt what is in the water you are drinking? You should stay away from it that's for sure lol