Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 17 - When You Help Others...

You can't help helping yourself!

Avenue Q again. Did I mention that I liked that show?

Haha anyway. Thanks to the commentators on my last post. I'm really not that upset about not getting many comments. It was more my attempt at self-deprecating humour. I appreciate and love comments, but they aren't central to what I'm doing here. I love validation, perhaps even live for it at times, though not to an extreme. That's what comments mean to me, they are validation of what I am saying. It's a battle fought by a lot of bloggers to get more comments and followers, well it's not everything central to a blog.

Blogging for me is... well it's a chance for me to write in an in-formal, personal, and fun way. I enjoy the writing process of coming up with things to say. I like to talk even when no one listens. So that's why I keep going I suppose. And that I'm a stubborn ass who will blog everyday in february damnit.


I'm going to do something I haven't done in a while, promote other blogs. (Perhaps I'll even update my blog lists 0_o).

Andrew of andrewbbizarre I like because he writes like I do in a lot of ways (although he should break things up with paragraph breaks, EMBRACE THE SPACE MAN, but that's just a personal observation). I'll admit I haven't been dutifully reading, but it is most definitely worth checking out.

Anton of Anton's Haus I have recently started following. I doubt he knows about my blog, especially considering I haven't commented on his posts at all (I'll get to it eventually), but I do like what I've been reading so far.

Ethan of Slowly Coming Out have been such a wonderful person to comment often on my blog when I haven't been able to return such a favor. Though often brash, he is a wonderful person and to follow his ups and down is fascinating.

That's all the promotions for today, if you would like to have nice things said about you, let me know! I'll be glad to do it :-)

Umm yeah...


What do you think? He's almost... tooo... plastic??? Let me know...


  1. pfttt i happen to like my cluttered words, thankyou very much ;] and yeah the guy in the picture gives me the creeps

  2. I like how people's writing style reflects something of their personality, you and Andrew both.

    I like your posts that explore ideas a little more. I enjoy reading your perspective on these things. The discipline of daily posting seems to create a rhythm which makes that harder.