Saturday, February 20, 2010

February 20 - Is it Wrong...

To take extreme satisfaction in making fast drivers slow down as they become trapped behind you?

Cause if it is I don't wanna be right! Whoo.

Busy weekend. Today I judged debate as I have done previously and will continue to do... postiously??

It was nice to hear from kids who were not ignorant of the world around them (Did you know, Fidel Castro is trying to sneak into America and if we lift the trade embargo on cube he will get in?).

Awkward moment of the day: so I signed up for one of those dating sites cause I have nothing better to do (ok technically it was like a month ago (or two)) but this guy contacted me through it, and we'll just say he's... not cute. Well awkward turtle, he was at the tournament judging as was I. I don't know if he recognized me, but needless to say I didn't make efforts to let him... If he would have be un-cowardly and just talked to me or whatever, I could have respected that, but awkward avoidance worked for me too.

Oh and can I say of the tournament, fuckin' jailbait central.

Today's cute boy is brought to you by the letter U, as in yoUtUbe:



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  1. Uhh Matt either I need more sleep or this post was HARD to follow which one is it?