Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 28 - Now It's Over!

Well folks.

That's it.

28 days later...

Wahh wahh waaaah

I know I haven't exactly posted every day in February, but it's been pretty damn close.

I've even gained a few followers! *Thanks new followers* But some of you astute people may have noticed that over there ===========>, something is missing.

That's right folks, my blog rolls have been obliterated. I didn't know where to begin with updating them, so I have decided to start all over.

Thus, you wonderful readers, may nominate those whom you deem worthy to be on my blog roll. You can nominate yourself or others. If I haven't read said nominate blog, I will do so immediately and remedy the situation. In general, no blog will be refused, with one caveat: no porn blogs. Not that they aren't great, but I'm not going to be promoting that; besides there are plenty of places elsewhere to find them.

That being said, nominations are now... OPEN!!!

On another unrelated note.







heh heh

I haven't got much else to say.

I'm going to keep up blogging fairly regularly I think though. It's been nice to be back after a somewhat extended absence. It seems like there are a lot of bloggers out there that started around when I did who have similarly lapsed and find that things have changed. While this is true, I'm in the opinion that this is a good thing. New stories, new challenges, and new faces (so to speak) are refreshing and keep things from going stale. It's just a matter of keeping up with things, which I'm no good at, but I'm trying.

Today one of my best friends had his mission farewell. He's about to leave for 2 years. He leaves on Wednesday, things haven't quite sunk in that he's going, but they will. Of all my friends, I feel he is most worthy of the Church he belongs to and is perhaps the only one I give my stamp of approval for his mission. I love you and good luck!

Ok, enough with all these words. I know what you cretins are really here for.

I started (sorta) with a bathtub so I think I'll end with one too.

And Dan, hopefully something in there is decent.

Yours always,




  2. I would nominate myself BUT I plan on starting a new blog under a whole new name when I graduate from high school (in May) so I will wait

    BTW did you add me on MSN?
    and if not I'm not sure if I know any other Matts either

  3. I nominate Carwin's Closet (of course) and Why cant I?!

  4. logan is pretty hot, i gotta say. his performance in the lightning thief - was pretty amazing. his eyes are breathtaking.

    anyway, glad to see your going to keep on posting!

  5. Start fresh. Out with the old, in with the new.

  6. Hi Matt,
    Long time reader recently started my own blog would you mind linking to me? I have already linked to you.
    Take it easy,

  7. good job on February mate, loved it.

    have a good one. Ed

    btw, im at: http;//, if you're ever up for listening to the ramblings of a random 17 year old aussie..ask dan about me :P

  8. oh, do me. do me!

    my roomate and i are some funtastic and awful people, our advice has been referred to as "Like Dear Abbey meets Judge Judy on drugs in space"

    so great role model or GREATEST role model?