Thursday, February 4, 2010

February 4 - First Paper of the Semester

Due tomorrow. I haven't started.

But it's only two pages, so not a worry at all.

I should probably finish reading for it though...

Anyway, not a lot to say today, sorry this post will kind of suck. I just realized weekends are gonna be kind of hard to do so we'll see how they work out. haha.

I changed my spark plugs and wires in my car today, just a oil change and I should be ready for my mini road trip Saturday. It's only a mini one because I'm driving to a small town 2 hours south of Salt Lake to see a friend in a show, and then I'm driving back that night. Whoo! I'm excited for the drive. Me, an open window and an open road, my country music blaring and me singing along as loud as I can. It'll be great.

Anyway, I should wrap this up with a boy picture, I'm glad I'm doing better Dan, but I'll keep striving for perfection (though I'm quite aware that there are going to be more that you think suck).

Writing furiously for two page delights,



  1. Matt

    The boty is fine and Dan someimes you have to take a second look to find the beauty. Have a good trip and doing your own mainenance very economical of you :P

    Hope the paper came out well, take care and be safe


  2. now this one i like. well done.
    and i wish i knew how to do shit woth my car. i would save a whole lot of money.