Sunday, February 7, 2010

February 7 - If You Were Queer...

I'd still be here,
Year after year because you're dear to me.

Ahh... Avenue Q, I saw it again tonight, Row B. The guy playing Princeton and Rod was soo cute.

After the show I went to dinner with friend that happened to be at the show too. It was fun, but I'm so full. The Olive Garden makes some damn fine bread sticks.

Let's see, yesterday I saw 1776, which a friend of mine was in, which was... well it was good to see my friend again. Let's just say the most plastic Abigale Adams, done-deaf cast, and slightly femmy John Adams (actually quite good though) all culminate into a mediocre show. It wasn't all bad, but there was no intermission and it drug on a little long... Oh well. The delegate from South Carolina was quite cute, despite looking like Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast.

After the show we went and got dinner. It was a blast to reconnect a bit. The drive back was... interesting. In a good way though. Basically we talked about sex the whole way... well my friend Matt was asking my friend Eva about her experiences with sex. It was nice to hear such a frank and open discussion of sex though.

Oh and my car is kuputz for now. I went to put more coolant in it because it was practically out of it. After filling up the radiator I saw that it was leaking. It wasn't the radiator line, or the thermostat gasket so it might be something else. It appears to be coming from the engine. Crap. I thought I was done with repair on that stupid thing. Well looks like I'm gonna just have to save my money to make more repairs.

Oh and it appears I've lost a follower. Sorry? Oh well. It's not a popularity contest or nothin.

Ok. School tomorrow.



  1. Now were fucking talking. That boy is smoking hot.

  2. Matt

    the plays sound nice and only your friend was open how did you stop the sonversation from coming around to you :P

    hope things are well

    take care and be safe


  3. I'm trying to shake off a follower b/c i can't stand him

    Glad you had fun with reconnecting with friends