Monday, March 15, 2010

For the Gaga Heads out There

Hey y'all.

I finished one of three papers last night at 2:30 am. Whoo. Go me.

I'm about to start on my next one as soon as I gather the motivation to actually write something.

In the meantime I've been catching up on my pop culture. I finally watched the new Lady Gaga video, but before I did I saw the following:

I love Pomplamoose! I think I've shared their videos with you all before, but this one's for the Gaga Heads.

Plus, I think Nataly Dawn is prettier than Lady Gaga any day.

Back to the Pax PriĆ­sta,


1 comment:

  1. Good job on the first essay, that sucks that you have so much stuff to do, but it is college I guess. I am sorry, I mean it is a great rendition of Telephone, but the thing that makes Lad Gaga so great is her use of electronics to completely change and make her music sound, well, gaga-y. Well good luck on your essays.