Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Little Things

So I guess I have a bit of an announcement to make... ahem... I'm off to Seattle Washington for school next year!

I may have mentioned this already, but I'm going through this program called the NSE (National Student Exchange), the short of it being that I get to go to another school for a year, cheaply.

I'm really excited to go as this was my first choice of schools, soooo excited!

Anyway, today I went to see a movie. I've come to accept that the majority of movies I'm going to see are going to be ones that I go to alone. Oh well... The dollar theaters cheap entertainment. Today I saw a film entitled, "An Education." Quite an odd film, but I think I liked it. It's about this 16, nearly 17 year old girl in 1960's England who meets an older man and falls in love. Twist is, he's a bit of a con man, thieves for a living basically, but that gives him lots of money. Well she is entranced by him and the climax of their love is a trip to Paris soon after he proposes to her. Well turns out (Spoiler alert), he's already married, and she's given up her schooling to be with him.

(Spoilers over)

She is a vision of loveliness in the movie. Like seriously. She starts out a pretty school girl from England and by the time she gets to Paris, like Audrey Hepburn meets Jackie Kennedy, gorgeous.

"If you never do anything, you never become anyone." 

Something else I would like to share with you, a music video. Now before you groan, it's a lovely song about love and I highly recommend it. The singer another gorgeous woman by the name of Nataly Dawn, I've shared some of their (she's partnered with Jack Conte in the band Pomplamoose) music before but this video is particularly sweet.

Remember, "Love is the little things,"



  1. Well, what's important is that you liked it... me- I found the music grating and jumbled; I agree with the sentiment tho!! And, I couldn't stop thinking about that tiny bench her boyfriend? was straddling... I wanted to build him a decent one, every time I saw it!! lol Ah, I guess I'm being too critical; it must be one of those nights... nahh... I checked, I'm still in a good mood!! Go figure... Have a great Wednesday, Matt , luv,tman<3

  2. Different tastes in music for different people, I suppose - I quite like it though. I am curious as to what you listen to now though...

  3. Nowadays, what I listen to, depends on what I'm doing... If I'm in the mood, while I'm working, I'll listen to Andrea Bocelli sing, or Williams on guitar or Chopin mazurkas... At other times, I like older stuff... Moody Blues, Billy Joel, some Chicago, etc... pretty much anything but heavy metal, jazz (I can't stand jazz), rap....
    I like music that touches my soul, makes me teary lol... Oh well, I guess I'm a big softy...lol One of my godsons is a great chorale singer, so I like the varied things they sing at the concerts, too...
    Oh, and by the way, there are a few Nickelback songs I like, God knows why!!