Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh yeah... I do this don't I?


Well I'm better than I was on Friday, somewhat :/  But I mean, I think I'm going through that lonely phase where I alternate between feeling particularly lonely to feeling particularly horny (enough so to essentially proposition a straight friend of mine...). My problem? The same as before, where do I meet cute guys that would be interested in me? I think part of my problem is that I look older than I am, most people guess me at 24ish or so, when in reality I am still 19. It's nice in some regards but I still feel like I'm missing part of my childhood and adolescence as I've always looked older. I dunno, I'm weird, but you knew that already.

Let's see... I feel pretty much on top of school. Had a bit of a snag though, well two. First of all, in my Jazz Guitar Class we were tested on this triplet exercise. I'm pretty much the only one who hasn't passed yet. Sometimes I really struggle in that class and like I feel very self conscious about it. It certainly holds some of the most anxiety of all my classes, but also some of the most joy. Whatevs. Hang up number two, the damn bookstore seems to run out of books by the time I want to buy them. You see I had to buy a bunch of small literature books this semester, and instead of buying them all at the beginning of the year I decided to buy as I needed. Bad idea. This is the second time I've had to go elsewhere to find the book I need because the bookstore is out of them.

Anyway, that last paragraph was probably really boring, read the first one for any juicy personal drama.

My family is taking a trip this Thursday-Sunday. I will be staying home. This is wonderful news. I love having the house to myself. It's nice to be able to work in a silent, comfortable, familiar space without interruption.

But its not like a have a boy to bring home... Oy there I get started with all that again.

I'd take him home...

Oh and I have an announcement, I think I may be a lesbian.Therefore I would identify currently as a man who is gay and lesbian with transgendered tendencies. I could go on and on. Perhaps in another post I will, but that will suffice for now.

Right-o, g'night folks,



  1. GEEEZZZ!!! You DO have a complicated life, no?? Can't be too bad, though... especially if you like the Logan Lerman look-alike guy... pretty hot!!

    Jazz guitar, huh?? Good luck, kid!! I love classical guitar, but Jazz and me are like oil & water... It just makes me want to tune out... too jumbled/ confusing for my orderly (?) mind...

    Staying home alone?? Yayy!!! I know what you mean!! I used to love those times!! I could walk around half- dressed and ... well, I won't go any further!! lol But, really, can't you call a buddy and have an overnight guest, just for a little change-up?? Nothing like companionship to push the blues away!!! To hell with the work, at least for a night...Even if you look 24 (OMG, I wish I looked 24!), you mean to tell me that some young guy thinks you're too old!! Hmmm!! I think you may be leaning a little too heavily on that crutch!!

    Aren't there some hotties in your Jazz Guitar class or elsewhere that you can invite over to get some 'work' done, while your folks are out of town?? You know, a little work, maybe a snack, a little work, a snack and a drink, a little work, a drink and YAWN!!, God, it's getting late!! Why don't we crash... Oh, sorry! I only have the one bed, but I won't tell if you don't!! lol Come on!! Whatta ya got to lose? luv,tman<3

  2. gay, lesbian man with transgendered tendencies? Yeah... I'm not understanding the lesbian part ^^,

  3. WTF? Matt you can't just drop that comment and run :P lol
    Ok now I want to know what you mean by that and don't wait so long to tell us either