Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 11 - I guess I will do one for today

So here's the story from last night.

It was my friend's dirty thirty birthday party. Martinis were on the menu. And birthday kisses in the air (and on the lips I suppose (and the tongue...)).

Set upon this backdrop, a glass of vermouth straight up, one gin martini, one vodka martini, and one very dirty vodka martini, a cute boy that I've never seen before somehow appears. Mind you at this point I'm wearing my friend Ashley's tank top because everyone was trying to get me to take my shirt off and I wouldn't do it, so as a compromise I wore the tank, which was green and awesome.

Anyway, I was casually trying to get a feel for this new boy, sitting close to him and talking to him casually and such.

Oh and this point I should mention that nearly everyone there was gay, lesbian, or otherwise queer.

Anyway. So he goes off to use the restroom and I turn to my friend Cameron and we start talking about him.

"He's really cute"


"Him, Isaac, the one that was behind me."

"Oh yeah he's really attractive."

Little did I know, he somehow got behind us and caught on we were talking about him. I turn away in embarrassment and Cameron just tells him that I thought he was really attractive. Apparently he just blushed.

Oh more background. One of my other friends, who is a horrible voyeur, was trying to get me and Cameron to kiss, or Cameron and another friend to kiss. There was a lot of kissing going on last night. Case in point: Spin the bottle was played.

At first Isaac and I just sat out for a while and I tried making small talk. Well eventually he's all, if I play you have to play too. Well we didn't get the bottle either of us.

The game dispersed a bit. The topic of kissing came up and my friend Sam was egging Isaac on to kiss someone and he's all, "Not in front of everyone."

So I did something I never though I would.

I came up behind him and grabbed his arm and gentle pulled him towards the bedroom, and he comes right along.

I don't need to say much about the making out, suffice to say it was hot. We were in there for like... 20-30 minutes. It was great, I needed it. All the while people kept either peeking, or opening the door once someone finally shut it.

Well it was all very cute sort of awkward when finally came out. I was going to ask for his phone number before he left, chickened out.

My plan was to find him on facebook  this morning, but when I got home, lo and behold I had a friend request from him waiting.

We chatted for two hours this morning before finally going our separate ways, not without trading some digits though.

Needless to say I'm looking forward to the next little while.



  1. awwwww im so happy for you! :D

  2. Well looks like he is interested in you too and thank you for not putting in details seeing how that would get awkward to read

    Have fun

  3. He just texted, he's mad at me. Apparently he has an epic hickey on his neck... :D Whoops!

  4. why you little vampire, you!! XD luv, tman<3

  5. LOl, sounds like the beginning of something fun and interesting? Hope you have a great time finding it out :)


  6. YAY finally you have a random hook-up, and it is possibly gonna turn into something!! Good luck with Issac!!!!

  7. see what happens when me and u stop being pussies?