Thursday, April 8, 2010

April 8 - A New Beginning

I got rhythm, I got music, I got sunshine, who could ask for anything more?

Well, I could. First off, I like the rain, sun is fine but rain is better. Second, I could ask for a lot more. Finally, I do have music, but my rhythm is a bit off, always has been.

I am Matt [last name withheld], I am a guy who is trying to figure out what he wants in life. I am a musician, I play the Guitar, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, and I sing. None of these things I do with any great proficiency but I enjoy doing them nonetheless. I tend to wax poetic, or at least philosophical. I try to speak well, and if I don't it's for a reason.

I am a, whatcha callie, bisexual individual. I have never liked the word bisexual, it's just not a good word. That doesn't mean what it stands for is bad as well. I like them boys, that I can be sure of. What I have been struggling with for much of my past years is the big question mark that is a girlish figure complete with lady bits. In general I like boys more, but there are special girls out there that do get me. Oy vey, I'll have to figure it out one of these days, but I don't want to now.

Hmm... what next....

Well, as the more astute of you out there have noticed, I have spelled Rhythym incorrectly. Well that just adds to my charm don't it? The even more astute of you out there will gather that Rhythym Changes refers to a specific chord progression, generally found in the realm of jazz, that the Gershwin tune, I've Got Rhythm, is played over. However, beyond that, perhaps it could be representive of the rhythym changes we experience in life, different moods, different folks, different strokes.

This is who I am, a flux structure. A figure in dynamic equilibrium.

Nice to meet you.


 So that was then. This is now.

What's changed? Not too much.

And yet...

I am a completely different person than I was a year ago.

I have grown where I wanted to and regressed where I didn't. Plus I have grown where I haven't wanted, and regressed where I have.

The nice thing about this blog being mine, is that I can do whatever I like.

Thank you all readers for your reader-y-ship. To date I have had 13,000 visitors (granted I started keeping track in June last year).

41% use Firefox
37% use Internet Explorer

80% of you visit from a Windows operating system while 15% are from Macs.

68% of visitors here never come back and only 7% think its worth another look.

82% of you stay for less than 10 seconds. Roughly 12% stay for over a minute.

The top ten countries that visit here are:

1. The United States
2. The United Kingdom
3. Germany
4. Canada
5. Australia
6. France
7. Netherlands
8. Spain
9. Italy
10. Poland

Interesting stats no?

Well, I'll see y'all tomorrow,



  1. matt

    its been a good year getting to know and im happy you are here. I hope u keep growing where u want too :P

    take care and be safe


  2. Hmm that is some interesting stuff.
    I have no clue where I even found your blog but so as long as you and me are still here I plan on reading still and seeing where a year takes you next

    Take care

  3. Well, now I feel special... I visit here through the good graces of my Macbook, and am part of the 7% that has returned, time and time again...
    Speaking of which (more or less), does anyone else ever wonder/ worry about how much pounding a laptop keyboard will take before some of the keys decide they've had enough?? I sometimes wonder about the 't' key, since it seems to be the one that I type on too tellingly... Oh, all right, I did that on purpose, just trying to put lot's of 't's in that sentence... Well, that's just my stupid thought for the day... means nothing... It must be that 2nd cup of coffee... luv,tman<3