Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 9 - Oops

Weekends are hard ok?

Not really much to say.

Went to a party tonight, had fun. Parties seem to leave me in a funky mood by the end of them though lately. I dunno what's up with that.

This evening has been pretty good, much joy, anticipation, relief, and now bittersweet remorse.

I know I've posted this song before, but that was under completely different circumstances (for the most part) from tonight.


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  1. <3<3<3 thanks for reminding me... this is one of my favorite songs of all times... I simply can't hear it tho, without tearing up, and feeling a little sad... Well, I guess that tells me how you're feeling, Matt... When I have my Saturday lunch with my 2 precious nephews today, I'll hold them a little tighter, and hug them just a little longer... That will be for you!! I hope you feel the love!! luv, tman ... and a big bear hug too!