Monday, May 24, 2010

A New Week

It's snowing.

Waiting for the bus won't be fun... haha oh well.

I decided last night after a bit of pizza and Family Guy therapy I was going to be alright.

I'm not going to stop talking to Isaac, I'll still be friendly, but I think I've accepted that friendly is all it's going to be.

Speaking of which, I was literally picking up my phone to text him about the snow, and lo and behold, my phone buzzes and it's him. Haha what'da you know. I didn't feel overly happy, or sad for that matter, which I guess is good. He needs to elicit a more neutral emotion.

I'm not exactly thrilled to go to work, but then again, who is really?

I guess I just wanted to say, I'm going to be alright.



  1. I'm glad you're starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

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  3. Alleluia baby!!! Good for you, Matt!!

    I heard you were getting snow... Now, THAT can't be a real picture of today's result!? This time of year, it only lasts hours, anyways... At least, that was my Colorado experience...

    My late night therapy is South Park... Well, 1st, the Daily Show, then Colbert, then South Park... The only thing I can't figure out, is why I'm so exhausted, in the morning... lol... Oh, and what the hell 'Butter' is saying, half the time!! : P luv, tman<3

  4. Ken- yup! sorta... haha.

    Mr. Lonely- I'll definitely consider it!

    Seth- yup, that's Utah for you!

    tman- it's never as simple as that. No it's not a picture, I stole it from teh interwebs.