Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ok, I get it.

I'm not popular.

I get it.

I don't make a post in weeks. No one comments asking where I've gone (ok scratch that, two - weeks later). No emails asking if I'm ok.

I get it.

When I do make a post, a thinly veiled cry for support. I get one person offering support.

I get it.

I see other people getting support right and left.

I get it.

Thanks for caring guys,


P.s. to those of you who do comment, or show concern, or notice when I'm gone, thank you.


  1. You have people following and reading that you don't know about. Keep posting. The more you post, the more interest you will generate.

  2. I don't post for a couple weeks at a time and noone says anything. I don't worry about it tho, we all know that things get busy or we just feel that we don't have anything to write about. I noticed that you hadn't posted in a while but I just figured it's finals week and you didn't have time to post.

  3. Sorry I can't care about everyone in the world. Besides I perfer animals to people anyday.
    But don't be too sad.
    Relationships can be good and bad,long and short. Its a people thing. Its how we are. Sorry - get used to it!


  4. I just re-read your post from earlier. I'm sorry that I didn't pick up that cry for help in your words.

    I hope that things look up for you. I want things to be awesome for you. Good luck.


  5. Sometimes you have silent readers, that usually don't dare to make a comment
    like me ;)
    but we care about you



  6. I sowwy. I just don't read blogs much. >.> You has my supportnessness tho, on msn. <3

  7. I'll start reading I guess/

    I reckon you are bad off, but I just started reading so give me some time.


  8. Sorry Matt--

    I haven't had a lot of time to keep up. I read when I can tho. Maybe we can chat on MSN soon...

    Much Love,