Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oh yeah...

It's Pride this weekend. I forgotted... I've never been, this'll be fun.

I really don't have the time to write that post I was talking about, but it's still rattling around in the ol' cerebrum.

I just got back from an evening hike, missed the sunset and it started to get dark on me... whoops.

I still think about Isaac too much, but it's less than before.

You know what they say, "Only Love can break a Heart."



  1. Prides are fun. Its kinda funny the only one I've been to was over like 1700 miles from where I live...but its all good. Have fun, take pics, post about it :p

    I know getting over Isaac is hard, but its probably the right thing to do. You'll find someone who you'll fall for and who will fit perfectly in your life, just give it time :)

    And be happy, I'm back to blogging :p

  2. At your young age, you'll beat me to the 1st 'pride'... I've never been... Because of my business, up to now, it's better not to be seen at one... people have their illusions... not too long ago, gay was synonymous with loose morals and child molesting... So, my path of self preservation has been to keep my sexual leanings private... I hope you have fun, kid!!
    Ah, Isaac... Well, hopefully the thoughts are sweeter than they are torturous... Eventually, you'll be less obsessed and more introspective, about him.
    I'm really glad to hear that you're out and about, hiking and checking out the wonderful world.... Run into any cuties out there?? Any bears... mountain lions?... coyotes?? lol I love wildlife spotting!! Hang in there, Matt!! luv, tman<3