Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Questions Answered! /slash/ Formspring

Mmmm.... Cherry Garcia ice cream... my favorite :D

Also I'm quite pooped from my hike tonight. It was lovely though, went with two friends, very nice evening.

Ok, now to answer some questions!

 In the order recieved:

1. How tall are you?

5' 11'' (180 cm)

2. What do you look for in a guy physically?

In a word: Adorable. I want someone as cute as a button. I like such a wide range of specific traits, but it all boils down to if I can look at you and at some point think, "awwwww soooo adorable!"

3. What do you look for in a guy non-physically?

I want someone who will give me as much as I put into a relationship. So someone who is assertive enough to make some effort themselves. Otherwise, lovely personalities. I dunno, if we click, we click.

4. What country do you most want to visit?

Mmm... tough one. I've been so many places already. I think I would love to go to New Zealand though, I think I would fall in love with the terrain there.

5. What is your favorite T.V. show?

Well, Boston Legal jumps to mind first. However, I also like Arrested Development and Glee. I've started getting into Strangers with Candy as well. As for classic shows,* M*A*S*H* is great, Three's Company I used to watch all the time as well. OH and I loved Courage the Cowardly Dog.

6.  How would you describe yourself in a couple of words?

I only need one: queer.

7. Boxers or Briefs?


8. Who would I turn straight for?

No one, I would be in a lesbian relationship with many women I know though.

9.You are offered the opportunity of a lifetime, but, to take it, you must change your name and move away from home and friends that you will not be able to see or talk to for 5 years... The money($1,000,000) will be paid, only if you live up to the letter of the contract. Would you take it??

Sure. New people, new places. $1,000,000 is irrelevant, to be able to have a chance to do that at all would be fascinating and exciting, money or no.

10. Same as above, only, instead of a job, your contract would require you to become a member of a devout religious organization... would you do that?

Possibly as an experiment to see if I could gain faith in something. I doubt it would work though.

11. If you were to die today, what would be left unfulfilled!

Oh god, sooo much! There's a lot of living I have left to do.

12. How big are you?

I'll assume that I know what you are referring to. ~6.5 inches

13. Are you a virgin?


14. Spit or swallow?

Haven't really had to confront that issue yet. So either/or at this point.

15. Can we have a picture?

Perhaps in the future. We'll see.

16. Talk about the lesbian thing! 

Ok well... Ignoring that this isn't a question... (Andrew... haha). Here's why I consider myself a lesbian. First of all, I'm attracted to lesbian women, soft butches to be exact, sooo cute. Second, if I were to enter into a relationship with a women, I don't think I would go into it thinking it would be like a "normal straight relationship." I don't think I would necessarily see myself in the masculine position in a relationship, and I think it would feel more like a lesbian one. So yeah. That's why I'd consider myself both gay and a lesbian, not necessarily bisexual. Basically: queer.

17. What is your favorite recreational reading?

Kurt Vonnegut and Stephen King.

18. Do you like Sci-fi? Fantasy?

Sci-fi... well if it's like Ray Bradbury, then sure! As for fantasy... well, if it's like J.R.R. Tolkien, then sure!

19. What is your favorite of classical literature?

Favorites are always hard... I'm really having a bit of trouble with this one, so we'll just say The Great Gatsby for now and move on to the next question.

20. Who is your favorite author?

Again with favorites... Kurt Vonnegut though.

Wow, 20 questions. Not bad!

Remember you can ask me whatever you like, anytime. Shoot me an email! Although, please use rhythymchanges@gmail.com instead of mr_matt_iiv@hotmail.com, as I am going to close the latter account as it has been sending out spam lately... I'll get a new msn and everything and let you know when that happens!

Hope you enjoy my answers. And feel free to ask anything anytime.


 Ok y'all. I crumbled and got a formspring, which i realize are sooo last month, but ask questions there at your leisure. The addy is http://www.formspring.me/rhythymchanges

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  1. Not much to say or ask for that answer but I did get some of my questions answered and still think about the answers

    Anyway take care and hope things are going well for you

  2. finally someone who likes * M*A*S*H* ! you have great taste in shows there Mr. !

  3. LOL the lesbian answer was definitly queer, but thats cool :D