Saturday, July 3, 2010

2 Years

Well... I've been better and I've been worse since my last post. Absolutely insane weekend last weekend, ended up giving me Strep Throat. I'm on antibiotics now so I'll be getting better.

Today is the 3rd of July. Tomorrow is Independence Day here in America.

I will be celebrating (ha) another truly independent, Independence Day.

For those of you who don't know, about 4 hours from now, and 2 years ago, in the early morning of July 4, 2008, my first, and so far last, relationship ended.

I was dumped, "we should just be friends."

We are now, but it took over a year.

I have not had a relationship since and I've barely dated.

Isaac was the closest I've been. I wish someone would be dumping me tonight, at least it means I would have had someone to be dumped by.

Instead here I am, Independent.

I am a rock.

I am an island.

And a rock feels no pain. And an island never cries.

Starting Monday I will be working my ass off for the rest of the summer.

Let freedom ring,



  1. I'm glad you got some medicine and that you are feeling better. Happy 4th of July to you.

  2. Congratulations on reaching 2 years. I'm really curious how you managed to keep it for so long.

    I think i know how you feel, so all I can say is just keep your head up and don't think too much about it.

    Hope you have a good 4th of July and happy Independence day :)

  3. Well, at least you're quoting from one of my all time favorite songs, albeit a sad one...
    There's something to be said for being single... no bathroom competition.. Sorry, that's the best that I can come up with, kid...
    Look, hanging around, thinking about it, isn't going to make you feel better... Work your ass off, but, keep your eyes peeled...I met some of the coolest guys in my life, while I was working!! If I can do it, so can you, Matt!! Hope you knock out the bug quick, and get back to it... luv, tman<3

  4. Has long been my anthem