Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Well well well,

It's been a while since I posted any pictures up here.

Just got my film developed and $70 later, here are my favorite/best shots!



  1. Very nice-- I especially like the last one. reflect/refraction and various things like that always interest me. That and I love the "slice of an ordinary scene" frames like this. The second to last is cool for a lot of reasons, but I like the focus of something that clearly required a lot of effort (if it was handcarved) juxtapositioned against the drab brick and normal life artifacts around it-- very cool.

    I like em


  2. Really wonderful photographs! I am astounded to learn that someone still uses film cameras in this digital age. I have a complete Nikon 35mm system sitting in my closet. I haven't touched it since I got my first digital camera.

  3. Hi there, Matt

    Many thanks for posting these: mundane objects, perhaps, but captured with an eye for detail and composition. The fruits of Saturday afternoon's activity, perchance?

    I'm looking forward to the next set, maybe with the new camera and lens(es).

    Take care


  4. Hey good job... ugh I know about film that's why I finally switched to digital just too expensive otherwise.

    I like the second doggie pic (aww, cute!) but did you shoot it through glass or something? It has a really cool spectral look to it, and a nice color.

    I almost didn't notice the hat in the hat picture - very subtle but changes the whole picture into something deeper.


    oh ps: Canon

  5. you're really good at photography. i like how all of the pictures tell a story of like a very laid back summer day, or at least it did in my mind. my favorite is the one with the hat, i feel relaxed just looking at it :]

  6. First of all thanks everyone! I love validation for my art :D

    Steve - Thanks, I don't always think about the subject of my pictures that deeply, but I do gravitate towards interesting subjects so that just happens I guess! haha

    Brian - Film is still relevant! As you can see, amazing photos can be taken on all camera systems (hell I've seen cell-phone photography better than my pictures). What kind of Nikon film do you have? Also what lenses?

    Mark - Haha mundane, I suppose, I do have an eye for composition though ;) Yeah the next set (with a new camera) will be a couple weeks out still I'm afraid. Gotta get paid first (several times).

    Seth - Haha film is really fun to shoot though, I have to give it that (but maybe not quite worth the price of that fun...) The second dog picture (that's my dog Buddy by the way) was taken through the front door glass, so yeah. It turned out much better than I had even dreamed. It really was just a throw-away shot. Yeah, I do like me some hats. :D

    Andrew - Aww thanks, you're really good at dress making! It was a pretty laid back summer day haha. Yeah I like the one with the hat as well. I like posing shots like that.

  7. Hi Matt,
    This stuff is getting pretty old now. I have a Nikon Photomic-F body I bought new while I was in the Navy, about 1965. I have four of the original Nikkor lenses: 35mm f2.8, 50mm f1.4, 105mm f2.5, and 200mm f4.0. I also have a number of accessories, like the bellows, lens reversing adapter, waist level viewfinder, etc.

    Like I said, I’ve not used it since I got my first digital camera. And I don’t have a fancy digital camera, at least by today’s standards. It is a point-and-shoot with a 12X optical zoom and 7.1mp. I take a jillion photos with it because it costs nothing. The main advantage of course is being able to see the results immediately. If you don’t like it, just immediately reshoot.

    I saw just the other day that Kodachrome slide film is now history. I used it a lot but the ASA 25 speed was pretty limiting. I mostly used Ektachrome at ASA 100.

    Best wishes,

  8. Happy Birthday, Matt!

    I hope you have a great day today.