Saturday, July 24, 2010

Random Thoughts


I saw that on a bumper sticker and instantly fell in love. If it offends you, well... good.

I had another post written out, but I've decided to spare myself from more drama.

tman - you figured out the reference with the worm. Good for you! However, please trust me in knowing what is best for my life. I have never been one to self-medicate with alcohol, however I do enjoy drinking. Last night, I was having myself a nightcap. One drink. When I party, I'm the most responsible drunk there. I know my limit and I follow my own rules. Sometimes you just have to trust people. You don't know me so you really can't say for sure if my drinking is good or bad. (rant over)

I try to interact with my blog more often, but honestly, I'm way too busy to most of the time. I often don't feel like coming home after an 11 hour day and posting comments on comments. Hell if I have the motivation to do a post, that's pretty damn good. I do read though and think about what is said.

Oh blogging. What an odd thing you are.

What else...

Yeah, drama, no good. Cut it out will ya all! When positivity turns to negativity I tune out or get angry.

I can't wait to be able to have a camera again. Depending on how much my car is going to cost me, I think I'll just have two more paychecks to go before I can get me a brand new shiny Nikon d90 with an 18-55 mm VR and a 70-300 mm VR Nikkor Lenses. I would ideally love to get an ultra-wide angle Tonika 11-16 mm lens, but that'll be a purchase for another day I think... Unless I just get a camera body with a couple lenses. My dream team of lenses would include a portrait lens, an ultra-wide angle, a tele, and an all purpose.

So my dream team of lenses would be:

  • Tonika 11-16 mm - Ultra-wide - ~$600
  • Nikon 70-300 mm VR - Tele - ~$550 *
  • Nikon 18-200 mm VR - All purpose - ~$800 *
  • Some portrait lens - Any thoughts?
*The ranges on these overlap so I could easily just get one of them, probably the 18-200 mm as that seems to be a highly recommended lens, but if I get the camera in a kit, it'll come with an 18-55 mm which would cover the lower end of the range (which realistically would be most of what I need).

Oy I've done sooo much research on cameras and lenses that I just need to get out there with a camera and shoot! Wrargh!!

Ok I think that's it for random thoughts for the day.



  1. When you get the camera, show us some of your work.

  2. ummm i wasnt trying to tell you what to do or anything... just making a statement. There was no negativity...

  3. sorry that you took my comment as a judgement... it was advice, based on supposition... Aren't you a little edgy? >3 tman

    Oh, and, the interaction wasn't meant to be a chore... I see that you tweet, so, I figured that it wasn't an imposition, just a way to help... Oh well, have a good life, as they say...

  4. Yep Eve was framed

    *nods and pretends I know what you are talking about even though I know nothing about high power cameras except 2 things. 1 they are expensive and 2 they take excellent pictures.*

  5. Brian - fer sure, I just need to get the film developed and scanned to a CD at this point.

    Planetx_123 - I wasn't speaking to you directly.

    tman - Sometimes you have to be careful with your advice. And yes I can be edgy. Nothing wrong with raw emotion. It's not a chore it's just something I frankly don't have the time during the week for the most part.

    Ethan - Indeed she was. Haha cameras don't take good pictures, photographers do!