Monday, August 9, 2010

My mini Vacation

So this past weekend I took off from Salt Lake to visit my friend Katie and her boyfriend James up in Logan which is about 80 miles north of SLC.

It was a good trip. I got there Friday night and just crashed at their place. Saturday James had work, so Katie showed me around downtown Logan, some very nice houses (for cheap too!) which will be included in the photos below.

Saturday night we went to Katie's family cabin up at Bear Lake. I do have to say, mojitos are my new favorite. Had too much, but had a ton of fun, like waaay too much fun. I suffered the consequences when I woke up, that's for sure. I've learned some new limits.

Sunday was a recovery day. We woke up and puttered around until about noon when we went back to Logan, got some lunch and I took off for home. I took Highway 89 all the way back which was wonderful as I love Highway 89. Got home and I've just been getting back into the groove of work.

I'm getting laid-off from my maintenance work job on the 27th of August, so I'm gonna have a bit more free time after that. Whoot.

Anyway, here are pictures.

Lots of Kitty Pictures so here they all are.
By the way, meet Margo, James and Katie's Kitteh.

This is the Great Harvest in Logan
Frederick, the wire bee.
This is the first of the house pictures
Some yard art
A restaurant I never ate at
Sculptures at Utah State
Buildings at Utah State
Library above, Family Life Building below.

Concrete Redemption

As usual, please tell me what you like (and what you don't!)

I will probably go respond to the comments on my previous post after I post this, so look for a respond if you commented!

That's all for now folks,


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  1. Really beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing them. Sounds like you had a very nice trip.