Friday, August 6, 2010

New Photos

So I finally bought my camera.

I'm soo happy with it. :D

Here are some of the best shots from the past few days.

Hope you enjoy!

Please comment and tell me what you like (and what you don't!!)



  1. Great looking photos! I've forgotten what you were getting; is this digital or film?

  2. i like the one with the burry cars and the one of the plant, the angle you shot it at makes it look like its a really huge bean stock :D

    p.s. you wear glasses? lol

  3. Nice photos. My focus on on male athletes. Look for an email from me with suggestions.

  4. I love #4-- its my favorite I think. I dont know if you meant to, but I love the derelict obfuscating the beautiful in two completely different ways: (1) the mundane, graffiti'd stop sign obscures the beautiful house and well kept yard. And (2) the power lines and half broken telephone poles are blocking that beautiful sky. I enjoy this juxtaposition of art vs pedestrian... kinda like infrastructure obfuscating beauty. Maybe a hidden statement of the physical ties and limitations that are constraining to the beauty in the world. I realize you probably didn't intend this to be such a statement, but art is the intersection of artist intention and viewers interpretation. This makes my brain move very quickly, and I enjoy that. So regardless of your intention, thank you!

    I like #3 because its atypical. like seeing the dark side of the moon, we see the less viewed side, and the backdrop of the housing or whatever that is I imagine is a little less picturesque than the scene behind when viewing from the front. I like that-- its interesting.

    #7 is cool because of the shutter/tripod trick. Who doesn't like some cool stuff :-)

    #9 - is this light natural?! or did you put a mirror behind the box or a secondary light source? It looks cool but almost unnatural (which might be the point).

    #10 how long of a lens is that? I like cool depth of field stuff.

    I dont like #12. I don't really know why, but I don't. Though I imagine there are plenty of people that would like it. In fact, I think maybe examining the correlation between personality type and liking this type of art (slice of life, etc.) would be interesting.

    So I wanna hear the artists idea of the photographs? How do you feel about them? I think my descriptions alone says a lot about me. Thus, I expect your opinions of them (if any) will tell a lot about you. I am reminded of the Meyers Briggs personality profile: Thinking vs Feeling. A passive observer just lets the art invoke a feeling and that is the entire experience of art. For me (certainly on the Thinking side of the Meyers Briggs) I enjoy the "feeling" but then have to think about it and interpret it. I am not satisfied with *just* the feeling in most cases.

    Anyways thats enough waxing philosphic for tonight :-)

    Thanks for these posts-- keep 'em coming!


  5. YAY for new cameras!!

    Whats the word on the stop sign? Cool shot - looks like you got a pretty wide-angle lens?

    Tack sharp awesomeness on that really wacked out gourd/squash thingy.

    The light on the flower box is a neat effect, and love the giant sunflower (?) blossom - but wheres the sunflower LOL


  6. I really enjoyed these, the three bronze faces being my favourite. I also like the graffited Stop Sign.

  7. Silently, I stand
    Things in this world pass swiftly
    I can do nought else

  8. Noisily, I sit
    Things in this world drag by.
    I can do much more.

  9. @Brian - These are digital.

    @Andrew - I do wear glasses, but those are my mom's reading glasses. I wear contacts most of the time though.

    @Wetkyle - I got you're email, some good tips. I don't generally take pictures of people though.

    @Steve - Yes... I meant all of that... haha actually, I just take pictures of scenes that interest me, I leave the interpretation of the shots to the people who see them. My personal favorite? The three girls walking. I just think it's a fun, cute picture. As an artist (haha how pretentious) I capture images that interest me (like I already said). It is mostly on a subconscious level, as I don't actively think about the subjects I am capturing most of the time. You can see what I'm attracted to by just looking at my pictures.

    @Seth - No idea what's written on the sign. The lens I used for that shot was a 18-55mm. Sunflowers haven't blossomed at my house yet...

    @Mind - I believe the man in the statue is Brigham Young, a prophet of the Mormon church.

    @Anonymous - Ok...