Sunday, August 1, 2010

Oh yeah... it was my birthday.

Yesterday, I turned 20 years old.

Goodbye twelve, goodbye thirteen, hello life.

Honestly, this birthday has been so incredibly anti-climatic, I hardly realize that I have to say 20 instead of 19 anymore. Perhaps it's just denial.

Oh well.

In other news, I am addicted to the song "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go" by Bob Dylan. I would give you the song, but youtube just has covers. Oh well.

If you know the song, I like to change one line from the song. Instead of "Crimson hair across your face" I change Crimson to "jet black." That's my tribute to Isaac, haha. Oh well.

Anyway, just a post to say things are going well, just busy with work and such. Summer is almost over. This saddens me... oh well.



    happy belated birthday, you should have said something yesterday
    oh well, at least your one year closer to drinking in the good o'l USA.

    what does 'Goodbye twelve, goodbye thirteen' mean, i dont get it lol


  2. Haha thanks. I don't like to announce my birthday because I like to see who knows or remembers. Goodbye 12, Goodbye 13 is a song from A Chorus Line. It was just the sentiment of the song that felt appropriate.

  3. Umm Matt, I am sorry to say this but I think you are wrong. Is the song not: "Hello 12, Hello 13, Hello Love"? I am! YAY! You were just pwned by someone who has not seen the show on stage. I REALLY need to see A Chorus Line though lol!

    Also live up your last 10 years of life, I mean don't all gays die at 30?

  4. Ok, well that may be the title of the song, however I wasn't quoting the title but rather a line from the song.

    And yeah... oy. I'm a twenty-something! Should I be having a midlife crisis?

  5. happy late birthday! congrats on making it out of your teens haha. you are like soooo old now that its gross :P

    p.s. i totally got the hello twelve, hello thirteen thing. i feel quite accomplished now :)

  6. Hey
    I've been reading for a while and haven't really commented before, but happy birthday!

  7. hmmm twentyteen, naaaww that doesn't sound right does it? Matt ur teen years are gone 4ever. But your whole life is in front of you, a stage waiting to played.

    Good luck in the game of life.