Friday, September 10, 2010

Mobile Blogging!

Well I figured out Blogger for my phone. you would think this means more posts. You might be right but don't count on it :P

So I got my car back from the shop today. The first thing I wanted to do was take it on a long drive. Time constraints now prevent me from doing this but I will be doing such a thing as soon as possible.

Tonight is the last night of my job. Thank god. I wash my hands of it. I may go out to the club tonight if all the stars line up properly. If I do go, I'm going to dress super cute cause last time I went I was only so so.

I'm entering my last week of living in Utah for a while. I'm not creaking out over leaving so much as I'm breaking out over not being able to do everything I want to before I go. My social calendar has quickly filled up and I still haven't scheduled some very important people. Oh well.

Last thing on my bus blog agenda, I won second place! In a list of one particular Bloggers top ten I came in second. totally tubular! Thank you Peter you're pretty cool. (link when I get home later/eventually).

Well that's all, don't want to miss my stop! In case I didn't make it clear, which I didn't, I've been Blogging from my phone on the bus. Neato torpedo!

See yah folks,

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  1. An ending and a beginning...two very good reasons to celebrate. (You'll knock 'em dead in a new tank top, I'll bet.)

  2. neato torpedo! I love it :-)

    ooh tell us how the club went! I see a tweet about missed two opportunities...? do tell!