Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Howdy howdy,

Happy Thanksgiving (a day late)!

Though I didn't actually make it home to celebrate with family in Utah, I did have a wonderful thanksgiving here in Washington all the same. One turkey cooked to perfection (and defrosted in under 24 hours in an impressive battle of wills), roasties (roasted potatoes, delicious!), succotash, pies, gravy, wine, cider, wonderful! I was the token American at this feast, with a German (from Portugal originally), three Brits, an Australian, and a Korean. All in all, a fantastic meal with fantastic people.

Other than that... What else have I been up to...

Well it snowed in Seattle, like an actually impressive snowstorm. This city can't deal with snow though, let me tell you. I was driving to the airport with my friend Holly to pick up her friend. Well, we never made it to the airport. In fact it took up 8 hours to get home from a drive that should take an hour to and hour and a half in somewhat heavy traffic. We ended up sitting for about 5 hours in a jam to last a lifetime. It was pretty pathetic.

I have been fairly depressed lately though, not today or yesterday for the most part but this past week hasn't been that great. It's more a generalized depression, up and downs and such. I've been lonely and wanting a relationship and that coupled on not being able to go home for the holidays and having snow and everything just wasn't a good combination.

Whelp, I should get started on some homework now, the house is pretty empty these days which is nice, come Sunday when everyone gets back from whence they went it'll liven up around here.

Thanks to Steve for being the sole commenter on my last post.



  1. We don't do Thanksgiving here of course, but some of the best Christmases I've had have been orphans' Christmases with all the people stuck away from family. Freed from expectations there is a lightness of spirit, a real joyfulness. And, much as it is good to celebrate with family, sometimes it's nice not to feel yourself drawn into all the old arguments, the roles and the expectations that come with everybody being in the same room again.

  2. sounds like mot of the blogger have this general depressed bug it will fade and you will feel better then ever i blame it on the cold but that is because i am from texas lol glad you had a good thanksgiving Love<~peter~>