Thursday, November 4, 2010


Oh yeah, I remember why I blog...

To get out of doing actual work!

I'm actually pretty caught up on homework, just need to do some reading for American History, I have a quiz section tomorrow, which is basically a discussion group that happens once a week. I also have to study for my Urdu class.

Oh yeah, I'm learning Urdu. It's a language spoken in Pakistan and northern India, spoken like Hindi and written like Arabic. I actually love it so far. It's tough but really cool.

My other class (I LOVE having only three classes, quarter system ftw!) is a course in 20th Century Russian history which has been really interesting so far but sooo much reading (I read a book in two days this week). I'm at the point where I'm hopelessly behind and have no chance of reading everything, which is fine, I don't really need to, just what is necessary for discussions in class.

School in general is busy busy busy, but pretty good.

My housing situation in Seattle is amazing though! I'm in a 'residence hall' but I use the term loosely as it is university housing but it's an actual house just across the street from campus. It's on Greek Row and it used to be a frat house, but now it's been converted into a dorm by the uni. I did get stuck with the tiniest room in the house, but my room mate is pretty cool, he's an exchange student from Japan. I love most of my housemates though! My favorite three are Laura who lives across the hall, Holly, who is from England and has the most adorable girlfriend that she's left there, and Alanna, who is Australian, a radical feminist, and just an amazing person overall. There are some other wonderful people as well, the Caitlin's, Cherry, James and Tyson. Then there's the Natalia and David, both of whom I do not like at all. David is crude, lewd, and a general wanker. Natalia is ditzy, messy, and not a particularly pleasant individual.

Anyway, that's enough catching up of background information.

Love life (what you all really want to know about)? Nonexistent. I haven't been on a single date while I've been here. Sad I know. Part of the problem is that I don't know where to meet people, and I haven't really established any friendships in the community that could lead to any setups. I've thought about Isaac a good deal while I've been here, I'm still not all the way over him, but it's well manageable by now. There is an absolutely ADORABLE British boy that comes around the house every now and then as he's a friend of Holly and Alanna. His name is Conner and he's soo cute, but unfortunately as far as I can tell straight, which confuses my gaydar just a bit as he's quiet and reserved and gives off just a slight vibe, but I well convinced it's nothing.

Anyway, this has been a proper update into my life.

Fuck whatever I said in my last post, I'm doing this for me again.


I do have to say it pisses me off a little that Dan get's ten comments after his post and I get two. Granted my last post was a bit highbrow, but it's something that I genuinely love to talk about and want to hear others thoughts on it. It's at times like this when I wonder who's reading, I know I'm not that popular but christ, I want that active support base that everyone else seems to have.


Ok, you're all probably better off not reading my rant, but you know the story, my blog, my thoughts etc etc.

I think at this point this post has gone on for far too long.

So long!



  1. Meh it was one of those posts that just get's people talking and I didn't feel like stating my opinion is all, I commented on the last post, and I was never into that 5 on the 5th.

    Glad you are enjoying college for the most part and I'm sure you will find a bf

    Take Care

  2. I blew my wad for writing thoughtful comments on the previous I'll just say: conner is a really cute name. I've always like that and cody as well.


  3. hey man. dont hate the player, hate the game.