Sunday, November 21, 2010


Is it a sign of wasted youth to look back on one's adolescent life with fond memories towards points in one's life where you pine away for someone in an unrequited fashion? When all of your romantic memories remain one-sided and ultimately unfulfilling, and yet remembering the moments of how that love consumed your thoughts and attention bring such joy.

Once again, I am profoundly lonely.

Sure I have friends without whom I would be completely hopeless, and yet I have no one to call my own, to mess with my hair, to love me in return. I know in the back of my mind that one day my ship will come in, but even further live fears that it may not.

Today I went for a walk to the library to do some printing. I was not met by a love for the ages, nor by someone to take away the cold. I remained as I have traditionally been, alone.

Just some thoughts on my mind tonight,


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  1. I can't answer the opening question to your post, but can only say that I often ask this question as well. My high school and middle school years were filled with "crushes" and that did consume quite a bit of my time. I don't have crushes any longer--probably because I'm not surrounded by hot guys every day as I was in school--but still simple things like songs or locations can trigger the same emotions from of years ago. I quite like this nostalgia, but feel its probably a scar not a trophy.

    Its not too late you know :-) 19 is still youth in everyones book. Though if you figure out how to take this advice and turn it into actionable emotions let me know. I've understood what I should do for quite some time-- I just can't seem to get myself to break out of the comfortable and risk a reward.

    Nonetheless, I wish you luck!

    Much Love,