Saturday, December 11, 2010

Less than a week!

Not that I'm on any regular schedule (or that anyone cares) but I'll probably be too busy to post until later this week. Finals and all that you know.

I'm only slightly scared for one at this point and that's because it's on Monday and I don't feel prepared yet. However, if I keep my nose to the grind and all that, I should be fine. Then study study study for my final two finals on Wednesday.

After that? I'm going home baby!

I'm excited to go home, and a little sad to be leaving Seattle. I mostly don't want to leave my friends here, but I know I won't be gone long, just two weeks. I'll be saying the same thing come when I come back.

Speaking of being home, guess who else is coming home? That's right, Isaac.

I should have guessed that I'd still be thinking about him, it takes me a while to get over someone once I've fallen (which takes a while to do in the first place). Well, I am alright to be around him now, but still... I have a friend who keeps asking who I want to make out with on New Years. Well, of course it would be Isaac. I don't know that it would be a good idea though. I can see myself getting my hopes up: imagining myself seeing him a few times when I get back, falling in love again just like it was in the beginning, then New Years, we kiss and seal the deal, we decide to give the long distance relationship a shot, it works, we get together on breaks whenever we can, when I finish school, we move to England, he joins the royal ballet or whatever and I get a good job, then the future.

Silly school boy fantasy of course. I can't let myself think like that, it'll only lead to unnecessary heart break. I do have someone that would be willing to be my New Years kiss, we nearly had a moment before I left, but it never happened. The only problem is, I have an on and off again attraction to him (him being Nick from forever ago, he was actually my first date with a guy before (well it hardly was a date but whatevs)). Right now, it's not really on. I'm still too caught up in Isaac to be thinking about Nick. I know I wouldn't be into Nick long term anyway, it's not that kind of connection.

Ah... I dunno. It'll be interesting going home.

As always I leave with an appeal to comments. To quote another great blogger " it really doesnt help me want to write anything when i think people dont read it. if theres one thing a blog needs to remain healthy, its comments."

Anyway, thank you you regular commenters you, you're all lovely.

I should get some sleep, getting up early to do a last round of Christmas shopping.

Goodnight all,



  1. I hope your finals all go ok and that you have a nice visit back home for Christmas.

  2. I know you'll do you well on your exams, but wish you every success, even so.
    Never having had a New Year's kiss, I can only imagine what it's like. Hope it works out for you.

  3. well good luck on your exams and going home. When you say Nick doesnt have that kind of connection to be a good long term-- what specifically does that mean? I think that label "connection" is used frequently for some emotion that you feel (or dont in this case)--but that emotion is triggered by chemicals via a number factors: physical appearance, personality, etc--i.e. the various factors of a person that attracts us to one another. So what specifically about him do you find lacking?

    Much Love,

  4. Good luck on finals and I hope you have a good time at home
    Take Care